Non-state pension funds (NPF) for 12 months paid its shareholders nearly 36 billion rubles of dividends. This put pressure on their capital in five funds decreased by almost half. In the absence of transient campaigns and market development, as well as high rates of remuneration, experts say, the NPF has become a highly profitable commercial enterprises — sources of high dividends to beneficiaries, despite their socially significant product.A little more than a year of private funds specializing in obligatory pension insurance (OPS), paid to shareholders of 35.9 billion rubles, according to statements of APF for the past year and for the first half of this year. Total dividends paid for six of the 29 funds accumulating pension savings.According to the law “On pension funds”, private funds have the right to pay dividends only after the expiration of five years from the date of incorporation. The conversion of the Fund into a joint stock company was necessary for entering the system of guaranteeing rights of insured persons and, consequently, to preserve the right to operate pension accumulation of citizens, therefore, were the first to corporatization is the funds specialized in the OPS. This process was completed at the end of 2015.First, at the end of the second quarter of last year, paid dividends in the amount of 6.2 billion roubles parent Bank NPF of the savings Bank (see “Kommersant” on August 5, 2019). This year he paid the shareholder already RUB 9.5 billion In the second largest total payments is NPF “Discovery” (belongs to the Bank “FC Opening”), dividend payments this year amounted to 10.4 billion roubles parent Bank Also in the past and this year has paid 3.9 billion rubles, “VTB pension Fund”. A little more than 3 billion rubles to its numerous (see “Kommersant” on April 3) shareholders in the first quarter gave NPF “Evolution”. The Foundation safmar at the end of last year also listed the parent holding company “Safmar financial investments” dividends of RUR 2.8 billion, which went to ransom with its balance of risk assets (see “Kommersant” on December 9, 2019). The only medium-sized Fund, which paid dividends, was of NPF “stroycomplex” — payments on the 2019 amounted to 13.5 million rubles, by 2020 34.1 mln RUB. in Total own funds, largest funds, working with pension savings was reduced by 20%, to 41.7 bn RUB. At the end of the first half of the year the largest owner of capital from the NPF, working with OPS, was “Gazfond Pension savings” (about 12.3 billion rubles.), has not yet begun to pay dividends.At the current remuneration NPF according to the OPS, including constant (0.75% of accumulated pension savings) and variable (15% of investment income received), in the income funds over the past year amounted to nearly 596 billion RUB Basic expenses of this amount has not exceeded 25 billion rubles. and went to reward management companies, spectatorial, as well as operating expenses (see “Kommersant” on may 12). At the same time the accounts of the insured persons last year it posted EUR 205.8 billion rubles.”the Retirement industry has gone through transformations from a social industry in the commercial, though with very favorable terms for the owners of the NPF”,— says managing Director “Expert RA” Pavel Mitrofanov. According to him, in conditions of stagnation and lack of any development system OPS funds due to too high interest rates on the product which, in fact, does not require large costs, but is largely social in nature, receive significant revenues, which in the largest NPF significantly exceed the costs. Thus, the expert said, large funds have become a steady source of dividends for their owners.Ilya Usov