more and more Pension insurance and make voluntary payments into the state pension scheme. The sum of all amounts in the year 2015, 31 million, came together in 2018 to 290 million euros.

Such Extra payments for employees aged 50 and over The age of worth, such as the “Stiftung Warentest” has to be determined. They may once or in several parts a large sum of amounts for Deposit to your pension account. The funds may also flow to the compulsory contributions, which flow each month for the income.

advice of the “Stiftung Warentest”

Deposit: Voluntary pension contributions are worthwhile for a lot of, for example, for the self-employed, civil servants, early retirement pensioners and Housewives. Contributions to 2019 you can pay extra to 31.3.2020. Employees may not pay the voluntary contributions – you can be more special payments are possible.

taxes: get advice from the accountant or in the wage tax help Association – for example, if you want to increase their voluntary contributions, or a larger payment plan.

special payments for employees aged 50

in addition to employees are also insured, for example, teachers and nurses in the statutory pension insurance. Under certain conditions, you special payments to the pension Fund are allowed.

haircuts to avoid: must compensate for the insured 50-year-old Compulsory Extra-contributions and deductions for early retirement. Who goes, for example, with 63 years in retirement, for each month retirement early decline: 0.3% per month up to a maximum of 14.4 percent for 48 months. These deductions balance, may afford Insured compensation payments.

resolution: The pension policyholder identified on the request using the form V0210, how high is the compensation payment.

work: in Spite of a special payment, the Insured do not need to retire earlier. Those who work longer, receive more pension.

tax advantage: for tax purposes, it is worthwhile in many cases to distribute the high compensation payments over several years. Because in the year 2020, the pension you can spend a maximum of 25.046 Euro claim, which the IRS recognizes as 90 percent as the special editions – so 22.541,40 Euro. Which lead to tax deductions. On the extra payments, compulsory pension contributions, but fall – therefore the interested parties should determine (let), the amount of special payments worth it.

This option also works with other professionals to take advantage of: the self-employed or members in occupational pension. Even Housewives, early pensioners, and even officers are allowed to make voluntary payments.

in Principle, contributions can be with these Extra three objectives:

  • pension deductions offset
  • future pension increase
  • get the benefit of pension payments As much money you get at the age click Here for pensions calculator

show Attractive for many years of payment

The first two columns of the following tables, how much the pensions will rise depending on the amount of the voluntary amounts.

example: if application 2020 every month, 300 euros – for a total of 3600 euros, increases his monthly pension to 15,77 EUR.

However, it usually takes a long time to Count in getting your contributions in the Form of higher pensions. For example, an additional month’s pension from 15,77 EUR must flow for about 19 years until the payer gets his 3600 euros.

Nevertheless, the state pension in comparison to the other Offers for the retirement see. The German pension insurance assumes that your return is in the longer term, in two to three percent. In contrast, the guaranteed rate of return for private pension contributions, for example, a maximum of 0.9 percent.

Voluntary pension insurance contributions for 2019

until 31. March 2020 may pay many voluntary contributions to 2019.

For all: The two columns on the left show how much the pension increases on a monthly basis, depending on the contribution.

For the self-employed: is The tax-advantage of pension contributions is calculated depending on the amount of profit. For Non-self-employed, the bill looks a little different. Foundation test

Voluntary pension insurance contributions for 2020

until December 31. March 2020, many of the voluntary contributions for the 2021 figures.

For all: The two columns on the left show how much the pension increases on a monthly basis, depending on the contribution.

For the self-employed: is The tax-advantage of pension contributions is calculated depending on the amount of profit. For Non-self-employed, the bill looks a little different. Stiftung Warentest check-list of Voluntary contributions

do you Want to pay about as a self-employed, civil servant or Hausmann voluntary pension contributions, proceed as follows:

application: Voluntary pension contributions you can pay only if you request it previously on form V0060. In advice to the pension insurance or on line.

height: you decide how much you pay in – 2020, it must be at least 83,70 € in the month, to a maximum of 1283,40 Euro are possible. Check in the application whether you are one of these posts or other figures, such as the rule’s contribution to 592,41 Euro in the month.

type of payment: you can grant to the pension insurance carrier, a Sepa-direct debit mandate, so that it absorbs the contribution or transfer even.

contribution amount to change: For future payments you may specify any other amount or payment is to be suspended. To change it, but not possible, retroactively paid contributions.

– Retroactive pay: you may not use the contributions for the previous year until 31. In March of the current year’s pay. Any subsequent payments are possible, for example, if you have provided information to the end of the previous year, an application to the Accounts and Pension. The pension information until 15. February, you are allowed to up to 15. May pay extra.

Everything you need to know about your pension

Our PDF guide explains on 100 pages the answers to all the important questions around the topic of retirement. Plus 58 Pages Of Forms.

PDF guide

the self-employed: security for old age

unlike employees of many self-employed people do not have to pay compulsory contributions to the statutory pension insurance. Such as a retailer or self-employed IT consultant self can choose the way you provisions. You decide for voluntary contributions to the pension Fund, is determined by you, the amount should be. Is specified, only that the month of contribution in 2020 is between 83,70 and 1283,40 Euro. Depending on the contribution to the pension increases.

example: A self-employed interpreter wants to pay in 2020 a monthly amount of 500 Euro as a voluntary pension contribution. As a result, your Pension rises to EUR 26.29 per month. You have previous experience in a pension claim of EUR 660, it is the end of 2020, so 686,29 Euro.

The interpreter must not, however schedule that you receives if you pay voluntary pension contributions and no mandatory contributions to all benefits of the statutory pension insurance. So you lose about with of the time the claim for a disability pension. What are you waiting for with your voluntary benefits and what not, can clear you in a counselling centre of the German pension insurance.

The interpreter can rely on, but the fact that it saves with their voluntary pension contributions tax. Because the payments are the pension expenses recognised by the tax office for the most part, as special editions. How high is the tax savings out of the top of the second table.

for example, Achieved by the interpreter in 2020, a gain of 50,000 euros, it can save 6000 euros pension contributions (12 x 500 €) just 1930 euros in taxes. The gross-to-net calculator

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