Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-California) has been celebrating Joe Biden’s presidential victory before it’s announced, promising “extraordinary progress” from Democrats in Congress and the White House.

“This afternoon, Joe Biden made it clear that the Biden-Harris ticket will have enough votes to win the Electoral College,” Pelosi wrote in a statement to her Democrat colleagues in the House.

“Our Democratic House Majority, working in partnership with the Democratic White House, will now have the opportunity to deliver extraordinary progress,” she added.

Pelosi vowed to focus on “lower health care costs, bigger paychecks by building green infrastructure and cleaner government.”

“Our discipline in building a massive battlefield proved essential in keeping the Majority,” she wrote of Democrats who are projected to remain in charge of the House. 

The words came not long after Biden addressed reporters and predicted a victory for himself just as AP and other US media projected him to score 10 electoral college votes from Wisconsin. Michigan has also been called for Biden, but the Trump campaign disputed these results. On Twitter, the president declared himself the winner of the nail-biting race in Michigan, as well as in the battleground states of  Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina, although none of them have been called for either of the candidates yet.

Despite her seemingly premature celebration, Pelosi urged Americans to be “patient” while votes are tallied.

“We must remain patient as votes are tallied and races are called, and we must remain absolutely committed to ensuring that every American voter has a say in their democracy,” she wrote.

Pelosi’s excitement over a potential Biden victory comes as President Trump had announced lawsuits demanding the counting of votes in Pennsylvania and Michigan be ceased due to “irregularities” being reported. He’s also demanded a recount in Wisconsin, which Biden reportedly won by around 20,000 votes.

In Georgia, the Trump campaign filed suit to separate ballots received after 7pm on Election Day, the deadline for absentee and mail-in votes to be counted in Georgia, from those received before the deadline. Once the late absentee ballots were all accounted for, they should be stored pending “further instruction” from the court “as to their final disposition,” the campaign requested.

The president has accused his opponents multiple times of trying to “steal” the election with ballot dumps in favor or Biden. His campaign has claimed victory in not only Michigan, but also Georgia and North Carolina, neither of which have released final voting tallies.

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