the large hill has taken care of Killian Peier for a ski-jumping miracle. Out of Nothing he is a world Cup at the Bergisel Schanze in Innsbruck Bronze jumped. Now he wants to nachdoppeln on the normal hill in Seefeld. A new flight to happiness?

It would be in contrast to the last Coup almost fully normal. In ski jumping the following applies: he Who rides a wave of success that can land on every hill in the front.

Extra Training in Seefeld three months ago,

Peier has shown in the first Training on the normal hill. Only a moderate jump to rank 7. Then the day’s best-wide, and rank 3. Peier can also fully normal!

The normal hill jump in the world Cup never. Nevertheless, the Jump is normal for him. “We train a lot in the summer on smaller jumps. That is good to work on the base-jump,” says Peier. “The hill is coming to meet me. You need Power in the legs, and that is my strength.”

has not been cancelled In the Quali in the front of the

As the world Cup in Titisee-Neustadt early in December, traveled Peier to Seefeld to train on the normal hill. He feels quite well, so the second workout on Wednesday. In the windy Quali gibts not quite the hoped-for Top jump.

Peier flying on 100,5 Meter, evidenced by the 10. Place. Simon Ammann (99.5 m) reaches the 25. Place. Luca Egloff (93 m) and Andreas Schuler (90 m) will qualify to the ranks of 42 and 47 for the Jump from Friday (16 hours). Stefan Kraft (Aut) qualifying-Best, jump on 106 metres.

“As Simi celebrates me, is very special”

Still not normal at all, it is the Romand to be the bronze medal winner. “What do you mean? I can’t answer it yet, but I don’t even have to. It takes time,” says Peier.

And on the abnormal, not the fact that he is one of the Top favorites for a medal for him at the Moment. But the fact of how much it Simon Ammann..

“This is very special for me. Simi is happy huge, comes up to me and celebrates me”, it describes Peier. “Simi is the reason that I started with the ski jumping. If you congratulate this Person in such a way, and happy is an incredible feeling.”