describes The current Sunday look, my colleague Aline Wüst a scandal of immeasurable significance: How an internal investigation of the Federal police, the Swiss police corps is hardly the topic of child abuse.

the author of The German Federal police study locates “identify deficits” and writes: “the facts and Figures from the relevant police, working in Switzerland, contrasting with the Severity and spread of this particularly reprehensible Form of serious crime, which harms the Weakest in society in a sustainable way.”

The danger posed by pedophiles, the Internet amplified. There’s, like, a man is sitting in his room in the Swiss Central country and leads via live stream directed at the sexual abuse of a child somewhere in Southeast Asia. Since Pädokriminelle in the Darknet exchange ideas on how to reduce the risk of getting caught: three-year-old could keep a secret, infants are sexual practices are generally the best choice.

The cops could keep up with the technological development step, it is called in the report of the Federal government. On top of that, the human resources were lacking to them.

the cantons to defend themselves against this representation. We do not claim to shame: The report was out of date – he comes from the summer of 2019. The need for action, not looks. Of course, the subject enjoy top priority.

Has a mistake, the Federal office for police with his analysis, then? Happens to the cantons a great wrong? A glance at the latest annual reports of the various police corps leads to a clear answer: unfortunately this is not so.

In the annual report of the cantonal police of Aargau, for example, the top priority is this message: “Aargauer roads are in the national and international comparison, very safe.”

In the Canton of Zurich in 2018, “the increased terror threat in the forefront” of police work. And in the case of the police of the Kanton of Lucerne, the responsible councillor speaks in his Preface, only about the respect that should be brought against police officers.

All of the year’s reports in common: The topic of child abuse can be found somewhere among the also-RANS on the back pages, where one can have it uncommented impression of some of the key figures at that.

The police corps, and the competent cantonal councillors could take up the analysis of the Federal government as a reason to request more funds for the fight against Paedocriminality. You could take the analysis to the occasion, to take more action in the covert of the Internet to call for research – as the author of the study, stimulate yourself.

That you do not do this, leads to only one conclusion: Apparently, the authorities and politicians is not the issue is important enough.

Why is that? The abused children suffer in silence. It’s rare that anyone shows later in life with the fingers on his tormentors – not to mention those who have made it by turning a blind eye to accomplices.