On the 19. March through the Canton police of Aargau was looking for in a teacher (42) in Wettingen, the home and the workplace – and found it. The man had stored with relevant images and Videos of Minors. In addition, they found on the disks of the teacher Chats with photos of young women. The 42-Year-old therefore had several relationships with underage girls.

searches the “Aargauer Zeitung” to now show new Details of the case. As the newspaper writes, was Zofingen the man as recently as 2008, in Brittnau AG in the district and starting in the summer of 2010 as a class teacher at the top of Dulliken level work. In Brittnau, the then 31-Year-old is said to have had with a student in a relationship. Whether the girl was then only 15 or 16-was a minor, was unclear.

He exchanged intimate messages from

Apparently, the school authorities had neither in Brittnau in Dulliken knowledge about the behavior of the man. In the fall of 2012, he wrote to a former pupil, who had come according to his information, in the summer, out of school, intimate messages that spoke of “real love” and reacted jealous of your other sexual partners.

A few months later, the school ended the career of the teacher in Dulliken. He was on 13. March 2013 dismissed without notice. But not because of the relationship with the former student. The trigger was another student, he’s about the messenger service kik messages being exchanged.

Public judgment makes actions publik

The whole story was now public, because the teacher fought back to before the Federal court against the three-month custody. The “Aargauer Zeitung” met with the recently published judgment.

It was clear that the teacher was already five months after his release in March 2013, in Dulliken again in front of a class. In Wettingen AG. Whether the school knew of his past, is unclear. The school had no observations to make.

school in Zurich knew nothing of his past

at Last the teacher was employed at the Free Evangelical school in Zurich. Head of school Peter Frey confirms this on the request of the newspaper: “It is so that the teacher concerned from the 20. August 2018 up to 18. March 2019 was set in a 100-percent workload at our school.”

After the house search through the Aargau police, he has terminated him immediately. “It’s none of our students are concerned, there are no complaints from young people or parents because of the behavior of the teacher have been brought to the school Board.”

The teacher had put up a fight before the Federal court, unsuccessfully, against his detention, is for about a month, again on free foot. (nbb)