investigators around the world warn that The spread of child pornography, is taking on worrying proportions. The victims are younger. The perpetrators of brutal. According to official estimates, 750,000 people search worldwide for child pornography. Every Second Of It.

Behind every photo, behind every Video is a real abuse: girls and boys from the Philippines, from Romania, is from Switzerland.

The perpetrators are moving increasingly in the hidden Parts of the Internet, exchange information on special platforms. A manual circulating. It explains how children are to penetrate to, such as post-traumatic stress to reduce the likelihood that the victim seeks help. With the so-called “Shitlists” is warned against “hackers, police officers and other scum” – the perpetrators are always better organized.

So is it an internal analysis of the Federal office of police (Fedpol) to the Paedocriminality in the virtual space, the Sunday view to be present. It is disturbing to read.

Shockingly, the passages, the act of the work of the Swiss police but. They emerge from a Fedpol survey among the police corps and show that Switzerland is doing little in the fight against the Internet-Paedocriminality much. In the report literally says that several police corps announced that they “had to put back due to the local priority-setting over a number of years, all pädokriminellen Internet cases and the processing of Ads in an almost inevitable residue at the races”.

victims down

let The Insidious thing: the Only Affected to remember that the police are doing little. Unlike a burglary, the victims do not report to the police. They are silent. Out Of Fear. Out Of Shame. Because they are children. Or so small that you can’t even speak. Often the destructive force of the sexual violence that was done to them, it shows delayed: The child will develop serious traumas, in part, with such a serious disease pictures in the field of psychiatry is that Doctors are overwhelmed.

those Who want to prevent such suffering, must do all it can to stop the perpetrators before it comes to abuse. One of the most important instruments of active, suspected, of an independent investigation on the net would be. In the Fedpol-analysis of Active suspicion of independent research on the Internet, however, is: “at the Federal or Canton level for years, barely or not at all.”

In one of the few cases in which police officers carrying out such investigations, shows their effectiveness. The Fedpol report describes this case, from the year 2017: investigators of the Covenant name “Nina_13 logged on under the cover of” in the Chats, it often took only ten minutes to the supposedly 13-year-old Nina has been contacted by up to 15 adult men. You deflected the conversation quickly into a sexual direction. In more than half of the cases, they wanted to meet Nina. At such a Meeting a 34 had Years of an anesthetic agent. In the case of a house search, the 60-Year-old had installed a camera next to his bed.

While the perpetrators act in the world, thinks Switzerland is cantonal. The author of the Fedpol report writes, such as Federal small contributes to small investigations are not even included: “Why Canton should expend its resources to determine a non-localized Suspects, operates with the greatest probability in own area of responsibility?”

priority is the fight against child pornography has not in any case. Single corps, and of larger cantons, gave it to the Fedpol, “not proactively worked to be in this area, to have no special units, and to edit only the cases provided by the Federal government”.

Such cases are reported to the Swiss authorities from the United States: in 2014, there were 480 such notes, 2018 9000 messages came already. Also, these investigations are time-consuming. For the pädosexuelle Internet crime, the various Swiss police corps, a Federal average of 15 percent.

analysis of the current

The responsible persons it is inconvenient that this determine reach deficits to the Public. You refer to Sunday look first to the Federal government. Refers him to the cantons. Finally, it is agreed, what is to be said. And the Federal police are not more writes actually, the analysis is up to date – it was completed in the summer of 2019. The survey refer to the period 2015 to 2017, says the Swiss Federal police spokesman. The President of the Swiss police Directors, Urs Hofmann, doesn’t know the report yet. But he also hits the same notch: “In this world is changing in two years very much.”

they All profess that they would take the Paedocriminality seriously.

In the so-called stabilization program of the Federal government for the years 2017 to 2019, however, it is stated, where the Fedpol in this period of time has been saved just in the area of Paedocriminality.

However, the President of the conference of the Swiss police commander, Stefan Blättler, speaks of an “excellent” cooperation between the cantons and the Confederation. So, for example, the network of investigation support to combat digital crime had been established.

each of The corps would have built up skills and be able to perform both the messages, as well as our own investigations make.

so What is wrong. The Zurich city police is one of the most powerful corps in this area. Investigator Thomas Werner, head of the Department of child protection, said the end of 2018, compared with SonntagsBlick: “We’re just scratching the surface.” For its own active investigation of the resources were missing.

The Same is also the city police of Basel, Appenzell Ausserrhoden and the Aargau cantonal police on request, now announced.

The unloved Fedpol analysis has to be valid. Aptly, the 39-pages holds paper: “the phenomenon of pädosexuellen violence will not be recognized by all the Agencies involved in its entire scope.”

For children this is a devastating message.