It was now official: the play Pédalo will be adapted for the cinema.

Filming will take place in Cuba and the film will be directed by Stéphane E. Roy. The latter co-signed with Benoit Roberge the play which tells how the trip of two couples of friends ends up going wrong in an all-inclusive.

While the play focuses on the story of Sébastien (Marc Fournier) and Bruno (Stéphane E. Roy), the film will be more from the point of view of Claudia (Catherine Proulx-Lemay) and Mia (Camille Felton).

Distributed by Opale, Pédalo, the film is produced by Productions E Point and directed by Stéphane E. Roy.

The tour of the play continues in Quebec this summer, then it will stop for the filming of the film in the fall before resuming in 2024.