Australian researchers investigated the pears affect the health of people. They found that the fruits help in constipation, lower cholesterol and have anti-inflammatory properties.

bulbs are good for a hangover As a Bonus, ensure the bulbs furthermore, that alcohol in the blood is rapidly degraded. However, it is of no use, after a drinking bout with a Kilo of pears to back off. The Whole thing works only if you drink in the run-up to the crash pear juice.

Now the scientists are to check whether we can pack the anti-alcoholic effect of the bulbs in a pill or shower. Study leader Manny Noakes could also imagine a name: PEAR-rocca. Pear is to pear. (gsc)

So healthy bulb

It is always from Apple, but the pear is even better and can keep the doctor really far away. Pears are valuable fruits, because their fat percentage is low and they contain a lot of minerals, trace elements and vitamins.

9 tips and Tricks to prevent a hangover in Check

the Party, especially of: alcohol for many. With all the trimmings. Also, the often very unpleasant in the Morning. But what you can’t do, so the Hangover comes in the first place? Myths and facts about hangover prevention.