Valora chain Press & Books (P&B) is currently, in Germany in the criticism. On the short-messaging service Twitter customer indignant about magazines and Newspapers with legal national content, which will be sold in the 159 German P&B-shops.

these magazines are not only in German stores in the circulation, but also in P&B-Shops in Switzerland. Across the country, Valora 29 operates such stores at railway stations and airports.

these magazines: “Young freedom” and “German history”. Both sold the two P&B stores in the main train station in Zurich this week. But after a VIEW had faced, the Valora-group, was the weekly newspaper “Young freedom,” the next day. A seller said on demand, the newspaper should no longer be sold. The second right-wing book, “German history”, but it is still available, as yesterday a of VIEW.

the rights of a connection is known

Both titles are not blank sheets. The “Young freedom” has been used for many years by the German constitutional protection observed. And the “German history” comes from a publishing house that was founded in the 50s by Helmut sündermann. Sinner man was, until 1945, the Deputy Reich press chief of the Nazi party NSDAP.

Valora spokeswoman Christina’s choice of the beach, comments: “We have initiated a Review and the “Young freedom” in Switzerland from the range.”

Only half the job done

Why is the magazine “Deutsche Geschichte” in the frame? The spokeswoman assured to examine this magazine. With the amount of books and magazines, the Valora group, it was not possible to examine every title in advance more precisely, says choice the beach.

In Germany, the two magazine titles in our range of Valora-chain P&b: stay In the neighbouring country booksellers., at railway stations and airports, the public order, to offer a very wide range of Newspapers and magazines, and to give every title a Chance If the title is not sold, you may take him out of the range.

In Switzerland, does not apply, says media law expert Martin Steiger (40): “I have no control is known, the Press & Books required to run a specific title.”

the editor of The weekly newspaper “Young freedom” was in last night to take no position on the questions of VIEW.