Netflix surprised the world of Streaming. In an unusual step, the US giant official number of spectators communicates to his own productions. For the Ranking all of the world’s 158 million subscribers were taken into account.

Specifically, a spectator was taken into account statistically, if he has seen at least 70 percent of an Episode. Were counted only viewers of the first four weeks of the date of publication of the respective title.

a VIEW presents the five most popular Netflix shows in the last 12 months:

5. “Sex Education”

Nerd Otis of Europe has, thanks to his mother, a sex therapist, all of the answers to the most pressing questions. Together with a rebellious classmate, he wants to open the school, therefore, a sextherapie clinic. 40 million viewers

4. “You – You’re gonna love me”

The head of the book business is increasingly obsessed with a young writer and soon to be ready, in order to secure a place in your life. 40 million viewers

3. “House of money”

The Spanish series about a criminal genius who wants to Rob with his band the national Bank, is the most popular in-house production, which is not native to the United States. 44 million viewers

2. “The Umbrella Academy”

dies When her adoptive father have to pull a seven-estranged siblings together, to save with your super powers of the world. 45 million viewers

1. “Stranger Things”

In the 80s, a Young boy disappears without a trace under mysterious circumstances. As his three friends in search of him, poking it and soon dark secrets. 64 million viewers