wink Actually, Professor Hendrik Streeck says at the beginning of the interview with FOCUS Online with a eyes, it is a shame that it go back to the Coronavirus. Because there are many other important topics outside of the novel Coronavirus Sars-to discuss the Cov-2. The man needs to know. After all, the 42-year-old virologist who conducts research in the normal everyday life at the University hospital of Bonn, in order to develop a vaccine against HIV.

But what is in these times normal, in which a Virus creates the overall world lame? For days, the subject of Corona and its consequences dominated the everyday life of Hendrik Streeck.

Meanwhile, more than 100 countries around the world, people infected with the Coronavirus. According to the Johns Hopkins University of more than 470.000 infections are already known to the world, almost 21.500 death of the victim has challenged the Virus-pandemic already (as of 26. March, 7 PM). Exciting, but just no time?

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-Chaos: Three examples show why we Dilemma in the Corona-

All Figures, graphs and charts in these days of high economic growth. Evoke us at least the beginnings of some control over a currently barely controlling the Virus that has spread invisibly and at lightning speed around the world. There is also a large Problem. Often the case, missed in the survey numbers of uniform Standards (and even within the EU, since the health policy is a matter for the member States). Then, Corona test procedure and the reporting procedures to higher-level authorities, hardly comprehensible and comparable. And to add to this last, even distorting medical and demographic aspects, such as the average age of a regional population group or from Region to Region, different air pollution.

in Short, the world is fixed clutter in the Figures.

1. No one can say how high the number of unreported cases is

, Because it is not also experts such as virologists Streeck different. He says: “We know just how high the dark figure . We would have to actually approach once the census is useful to know about the dark number of people Infected in Germany.“ The Problem here is that testing on the Coronavirus are currently out of capacity only to certain people, reasons, reserved for groups. According to Streeck, the laboratories were working already at the Limit. And who carries the Virus, but only mild or no symptoms, no Test, and is therefore also never in the files of the health authorities as a Corona of an Infected entrance.

of All the pitfalls of the statistics in Detail.

we Take a practical example from a few days ago, as two Corona-patients died. A source reported because of two dead in the hospital in the upper Franconian town of Selb was correct. Another source reported one dead from the districts of Wunsiedel in the Fichtelgebirge mountains, and the neighboring County of Tirschenreuth, in the upper Palatinate – which was also correct. Who does not pay attention or demand, comes at the end of four deaths. Or possibly only three, because the Same is the Major district town in the district of Wunsiedel in the Fichtelgebirge.

The example shows how quickly the regional Association of Covid-19-patients alleged errors can happen. And the effect on the dark figure.

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2. Hardly Figures on the utilisation of intensive care units in Germany

a virologist Streeck also wants in on other point, more detailed facts and Figures. “Me, too, the occupancy of intensive care beds in the hospitals. To get a better evaluation for the course of the pandemic, the occupancy of intensive care beds is very important,“ emphasized the Bonn virologist. There are currently too few Figures are approximately how much percent of the beds already occupied, which Corona-patients with what medical conditions are there.

After all, the German Interdisciplinary Association recorded for Intensive care and emergency medicine (DIVI) since a few days, to the available treatment capacity of the local intensive care units. In statistics, it is a database, in the intensive care units to pay, among other things, their current occupancy as well as the case of treated Covid-19-patient report. So far, nearly 600 followed according to the Association of intensive care units to the call. This corresponds to around half of all intensive care units in Germany.

After all, it’s a start. However, a comprehensive report on all intensive care units must quickly follow.

According to the German hospital society (DKG), there are, nationwide, about 28,000 intensive care beds, 20,000 of them with ventilation possibility. These beds are average, with no Covid-19-patient – to assigned 70 percent to 80 percent, according to the DKG. Measures to expand the capacity to run.

3. Statistical comparisons between countries are hardly allowed

another Dilemma is the many Corona-statistics, comparisons between different countries – for example, in the case of the death rate from Covid-19-are Diseased. For this, the experts agree, are the conditions too different.

“We know, frankly, too little. It’s like comparing Apples with pears,“ said Richard Pebody, expert of the world health organization (WHO), recently. The case mortality rate was “puzzling” and justified with several explanatory approaches.

the Bonn virologist, Streeck sees its explanation for the low Covid-19-mortality rate in Germany sounds similar to: “This is multifactorial to. A main reason is to test that we have started in Germany very early, and we have tested very liberal. We have in this country is recorded much more cases than other countries.“ Therefore, he thought the mortality rate in Germany is significantly closer to reality than in Italy. More to the Coronavirus

Germany is testing in the width Coronavirus

André Scherag of the Institute for Medical statistics, Informatics and data Sciences at the University of Jena also warns against Countries. While in Germany, meanwhile, is rather wide in Sars-CoV-2 will tested will tested in Italy due to the acute pressure only on a very selective basis, or there is a lack to Test feed-throughs, such as in the United States. Also, in almost all countries, a high number of unreported cases of coronavirus-Infected, which has to be estimated on the Basis of a recent Chinese study, ten times the present Numbers.

Small-scale statistics of advantage, in order to detect local foci of infection

A glimmer of hope in the statistics-clutter there are, however, but. Recently, the Numbers in Germany are considered small-scale and region-specific – for example, in a new Dashboard of the Robert Koch-Institute. As is visible, where most of the Covid-19 cases per 100,000 inhabitants were reported. Regional or even local Corona strongholds such as the districts of Heinsberg in North Rhine-Westphalia, Tirschenreuth, in the upper Palatinate and the district of Hohenlohe in Baden-Württemberg are to be identified so quickly and not go into the state of contemplation. Robert-Koch-Institute, the map shows The Covid-19 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

Hendrik Streeck welcomes this innovation: “it is scientifically correct and shows significant regional differences in the Federal States.”

Also, a new recommendation of the RKI from Tuesday could help to detect Corona strongholds faster. The epidemic-the authority recommends that, in future, almost all persons should be tested for Sars-CoV-2. High-risk patients regardless of the Severity of the symptoms will be tested, as well as persons “without any known risk groups”. For the lack of data able to secure a win. Corona special-2020

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