The famous Paw Patrol returns to the big screen for a second animated film. Its theatrical release in Quebec is scheduled for September 29.

Kristen Bell, Tyler Perry, Jimmy Kimmel and none other than Kim Kardashian are among those who will lend their voices to the characters in the feature film. PAW Patrol: Super Patrol is directed by Cal Brunker, who also helmed the first film in the franchise.

In this second film, the famous puppies are endowed with superpowers and once again face their enemy, Hellinger, who is allied with a mad scientist.

Released in 2021, in the midst of a pandemic, the first film of PAW Patrol, had collected nearly $ 192,000,000 at the global box office and had received favorable reviews.

Produced by Nickelodeon and Paramount Animation Studios, the PAW Patrol movies are spin-offs from the hit children’s series of the same name.