Pavlik - the beast is intelligent, bypasses the village: the hunters followed the migration of tigers

Tiger Pavlik continues to explore new territory belogorskogo area. His sister Elena was released in may of 2019 in the Khingansky nature reserve. Further, the specialists of the center “Amur tiger” recorded traces of the predator in the Burejskom area, where he wintered.

Pavlik — the beast is intelligent, settlements bypasses, soothe the hunters. Location striped they are tracking with a GPS collar. Note that in the winter the tiger “feasted” in the Bureya the forest, where many ungulates and wild boars, so food was not a problem. In order not to endanger the safety of krasnoknizhnykh, biologists do not apply regarding the current whereabouts of the tiger.

Director of the center “Amur tiger” Sergei Aramilev told GTRK “the Cupid” that occasionally tigers are exploring new territory. If his site is will disasters occur, which will reduce the number of victims, he will know where to move. And so, he goes and makes a stop, only to eat.

However, clarify specialists, such behavior is characteristic of males is the sister of Elena Pavlik is far from Khingan nature reserve did not go away. And the tiger would depart shortly thither, where he spent the winter, as once did the guy Saihan Jewish autonomy. He’s a few weeks migrated to China and then returned home.

Text: GTRK “Amur”