the French Authorities can review the refugee status actionist Peter Pavlensky, who is the local Prosecutor’s office accused in a drunken brawl, and meddling in the private life of the former candidate in mayors of Paris Benjamin Hryvnia. The court in these two cases yet to come, and while Pavlensky’s on the loose again. As his girlfriend, which initially received a discrediting policy video. Today the grim prospects outlined Pavlensky, speaking on radio, the head of the French Ministry of the interior Christoph Kastner, which in the past was involved in the same questionable incident. Well, Pavlensky strongly demonstrates equanimity.

the Favor of judges and the decision to publish Turkey freedom of the court surprised even him. He feels the Frenchman, but said that he was disappointed: “I Thought that there is freedom of speech, but it was not”.

the Site on which he posted intimate videos of the candidate in mayors of Paris Benjamin Hryvnia, blocked. The house was raided, computers seized. But Pavlensky has already stated that it will not stop him and he will continue to publish the dirt on politicians. In response, the interior Minister of France Christophe Castaner suggests that the authorities can withdraw at Turkey as a political refugee: “I expect from the person who received the status of political refugee that he will strive to be an exemplary citizen. We will wait for the outcome of the trial, then we will be able to raise the issue of his status”.

At the same time threatening reprisals Pavlensky Castaner himself not to shrink from such methods. Back in 1995, he worked in the city hall of Avignon and helped the candidate of the left is highly questionable way — drew a caricature of his opponent with a number of intimate details and obscene language. With a circulation of 35 thousand copies scattered in the mailboxes of residents.

the Candidate from the right that did not stop then to win elections and to remain mayor of Avignon until 2014. And Costanera forkept 20 minutes later after he started distributing the controversial booklet. He was accused of libel and public insult of a civil servant. In 1996, a trial was held, where the current interior Minister was found guilty and sentenced to a fine of 50 thousand francs.

the verdict, in addition to Costanera are another 4 people. This fact of the biography of the Minister is now rarely mentioned and blamed everything on the mistakes of youth. Pavlensky’s in their stock does not repent, he calls them the political art, even if not understood, neither in Russia, where he fled on charges of rape, nor in France, where he is a secret agent of the Kremlin.

he is Now a defendant in another criminal case, the status of the accused and his friend Alexander de Tadeo, past — mistress Hryvnia. She acknowledged that the video politician was sent to her, but at the same time completely denies any involvement in the proliferation of commercials. The Internet has already been seen by over 4 million people in France. Pavlensky and Tadeo are now under house arrest, they are forbidden to communicate. The next hearing on the case scheduled for March.