There is now in France, more famous artist than the native of Russia Pyotr Pavlensky. The audience of “News week” remember how carefully we followed the career of the actionist, examining each creative step from closing his mouth and cutting the lobe itself, to entangle himself in barbed wire and fixing your nail scrotum to the cobblestones of red square. When Pavlensky the arson of the doors of the historic building of FSB on Lubyanka square in Moscow, the court issued him a fine, which free the artist refused to pay. And when he a friend of the actress even filed on the artist statement to the police about rape, then there is a criminal case.

unable to withstand such a stuffy atmosphere of creative freedom, Pavlensky moved to France, where he lived in the illegally occupied houses and lived by stealing, occasionally trying to lecture. The hour has come. When Pavlensky in protest against the dictatorship of banks the arson of the doors of the Bank of France that built on the site of the once burned down by revolutionaries of the Bastille prison, then Pavlensky was shaking between mental hospital and prison. In the end, after eleven months of imprisonment, he was released, throwing another two years of probation.

People who know France, you will confirm that without the personal intervention of the President of the Fifth Republic is not going to happen. Obviously, taking into account the rave reviews in address Pavlensky from the European critics in the Russian period of the artist, the leader of France softened the punishment Pavlensky.

But a free spirit artist Pavlensky wouldn’t be myself if I accepted a handout and fit into the quiet bourgeois way of life, pomonis their protest. After all, he was always drawn in political art, and when the opportunity presented itself in politics to declare themselves at full length he did. And here it is — on top of the world.

Today, in France it is called “the gravedigger of the Hryvnia”. Hryvnia is a close friend of the President of Macron, a rising political star, ran for mayor of Paris from presiDETSKOI of the party “Republic March”. Yes, he was in the lead, but was part of the leading Troika and the political power of the Macron was in the game.

14 Feb artist Pavlensky removed the political power of the Macron in Paris. On a special website — “Parapolitica” — he posted a video with a masturbating Grivot, those videos he sent to his mistress. Since Hryvnia is married and campaigned on the protection of family values, he was left with no election no chance, because the voters became clear that he was not who he claimed to be. Hryvnia announces refusal to run.

He Pavlensky with teenage fuse declares that Hryvnia him utter to not care, he just fights against hypocrisy in politics. And that’s how it quotes Paris Match: “I don’t care about the identity of the Hryvnia, it is about the question of principle. After all, his behavior is as if the activist-feminist, fighting against violence against women, beat his wife every night.” If performances Pavlensky in Russia was devoted to the struggle against a police state, in France, he tries to fight hypocrisy, play-acting, which have become the norm. Pavlensky believes himself mummery relevant for the actor in the theater, but not for politics.”

And here’s what happened next. As in France, stricter than anywhere else protected by the secrecy of private life, and for the intervention to two years in prison and tens of thousand Euro fine, the next morning after the scandal, the President Makron publicly embraces his friend Hryvnia and expresses his sympathy as a victim. Words of encouragement to Benjamin Hryvnia is already expressed by the Prime Minister Edouard Philippe and interior Minister Christoph Kastner. Such gestures seemed not only as a confirmation of the principles of the law, but as a true male solidarity.

Meanwhile, the artist-actionist Peter Pavlensky inwardly rejoices, because that is the way to his usual creative idea, when the state itself becomes a part of the action, newstoNNO Stripping himself. Here and now condemn it as an artist and not a hypocritical friend Macron Benjamin Hryvnia. And universal suffering politicians, figuratively speaking, not due to the fact that someone stole, and due to the fact that he was caught.

But the moment of triumph of the artist Pavlensky was only for short hours. On 16 February it was reported that Pavlensky was arrested. It turns out that on new years eve he got into a fight. And here it is now, six weeks later, the artist in that case found. The system is broken. Found the reason. Such artistry for France are not. Yes, in Paris, appreciate the tradition of revolutionary protest, but everything needs to be boundaries. For them the artist Pavlensky zestril. In Russia, Pavlensky could do anything without restrictions, and he would be in Europe applauded, but when he “does not feel the coast” in France, then let me.

Here’s the police report about the events on 31 December 2019 in the performance of the publication Mediapart: “we Are in the age of 35 years Mr. Pavlensky is suspected in the wounding of two people during an argument that occurred on new year’s eve 31 December 2019. The altercation occurred during a private party apartment on the Boulevard Saint-Germain. In the party was attended by the lawyer Juan Branco, with which the Russian artist has moved closer in recent months. The stories of the witnesses, Pavlensky was offended by some petty remark from one of his companions and caused that his dining companion was hit in the face. Followed by a total dump, in which some of the audience stood up for the Russian, and the other for his opponent. In the ensuing chaos, Pavlensky has managed to capture a large kitchen knife. According to the testimony of one witness, Pavlensky same knife tried to strike, and other visitors tried to fend it to the unarmed enemy. In the end, one of the invited calmed Pavlensky, smashing against the head of the Russian bottle. But he has managed to plunge the knife into the thigh of one of the companions, and the other with a knife wound to the face.”

He NJawlensky denies that he injured someone, but did not deny that the knife Luke was still in his hands. Anyway, as the Paris police suspended the arrest Pavlensky in the case of assault with a deadly weapon, but the artist was immediately taken into custody for distributing video of an intimate nature. In addition, the arrested and a friend of Pavlensky, the 29-year-old lady lawyer Alexander Taddeo. Previously, she was in a relationship with Benjamin Hryvnia. Last year — in a relationship with Peter Pavlensky. Now the lady is facing jail time. Hard.

We will continue to monitor the work of actionist in France and to assess the level of creative freedom, because Turkey is a vivid name, winner of the European awards. Ours.

Text: “News of the week”