The heritage-listed pavilion is the last building of Charles-Edouard Jeanneret, alias Le Corbusier. In addition, it is to be single in German-speaking Switzerland, realised building. The colourful, delicate-looking house is regarded by experts as an architectural jewel and a tourist attraction, as the city announced on Wednesday.

Since 2017, the pavilion was set with the eye-catching facade in a comprehensive service. The architects Silvio Schmid and Arthur Rüegg have analyzed the construction of this meticulously, and the restoration with great detail implemented in love. It had succeeded, the requirements of a contemporary to connect exhibition operation, with a maximum conservation of the monument, it is said in the message.

The repair was carried out in cooperation of the city and Canton of Zurich. The Canton and the Federal government involved about half of the total cost of the renovation of approximately 5 million Swiss francs.

For visitors, the pavilion is open in the future, from Tuesday to Sunday, during seven months of the year. In the first season, the exhibition “Mon univers” is curated by Arthur Rüegg and Christian Brändle. You show the passion for collecting of Le Corbusier, and give insight into his creative cosmos.

The 1967-finished building was initiated by the gallerist and collector Heidi Weber, and finances. The city of Zurich had left her in 1964, the Land on the meadow for 50 years in the building.

Since the end of this period of 2014, the architectural monument of the city. This has been looking for the operation to repair a external sponsorship. The concept of the Museum for design convinced the Jury.