New exhibition hall "Atom" is scheduled to open at VDNKH in 2021, told reporters on Tuesday the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin.

"ENEA continues to live and grow, today there are 13 museums and exhibition centers, ranging from "Aquarium" ending "Beekeeping", "Space" now go to "Rosatom".

From ideas already created a unique object, the main concrete works are completed, move on to a new stage. I think that in the course of a year this site will be completed, I hope very. I think that will be one of the most popular and attractive pavilions at ENEA", – said Sobyanin during the inspection of the construction site for pavilion.

As explained in the press service of the mayor and government of Moscow, the pavilion of the State Corporation "Rosatom" ["Atom"] is built on the site of the former pavilion 19 – standard building of aluminum and glass that were in poor condition. For the Museum of atomic energy, the Moscow government jointly with GK "Rosatom" in 2016, held an international competition, which was won by the architectural concept of the Russian architectural Bureau Unk project. New pavilion "Rosatom" – the building of seven floors, three of which are underground. Total area of 25.1 thousand square meters, including 1.2 thousand sq. m – roof.

"the Concept of the future Museum is to show the history and modern achievements of domestic nuclear power as a high-tech and safe industry that contributes to the economic development of the country. Visitors can get acquainted with the atomic project of the USSR, see the installation "tokamak", "nuclear reactor" and other interesting exhibits. The construction of the pavilion began in 2018", – said the press service also added that the Museum is part of the exhibition, its concept – past, present and future.

About the project

"We have long agreed with the Corporation to create here "Rosatom" that was present historically at ENEA, starting in 1956, and then the forces of fate, he was pushed out, completely unfair. Speaking about the achievements of the national economy, "Rosatom" is everything, one of the main achievements of our country over the last decade. Today, "Rosatom" is a leading Corporation in the world in this industry, I think that is the best. The creation of such a facility, pavilion "Atom", which in itself is also unique, is the new jewel of ENEA, which will attract the attention of residents and tourists from around the world. Grateful to former and present leadership of the "Rosatom", which continues this idea

glad that materialized fully today", – said Sobyanin.

As explained in the press service of the mayor, a modern htabachnyy complex to be built in the format of a science center and is intended for a wide audience, and for professionals dealing with the use of atomic energy. The space of the complex is divided into three parts vertically: underground – for the exposition of fundamental knowledge; ground floor – modernity [exchangeable exposition, educational thematic exhibitions]; upper floor – free communication zone.

Land space is divided into an open part – mainly for temporary exhibitions and closed, which will house lectures, creative workshops, a reading garden, offices, cafes. The pavilion will be operated by a green roof. There will be a restaurant with stained glass, through which visitors can enjoy a splendid view of the nearby pavilions of the exhibition center.

"Our objective is simple: we want to make the best pavilion at the VDNKH, in Moscow, in the world. It is both a Museum of knowledge that makes you want to come again, this a space for communication among themselves, with scientists and leading engineers and digital double we are now all your activity closes in the digital space, everything in here [the Internet] like it, then it is possible in this space to come back to see, to touch. Drawn across the industry – from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok – the digital space creating, and this pavilion, without a doubt, there will be one of the leaders" – addressed to the mayor, the General Director of State atomic energy Corporation "Rosatom" Alexei Likhachev.

He added that the construction of the pavilion was found all the necessary technical solutions that have been confirmed by experts. The schedule for implementation of all phases of construction of the pavilion, but, according to him, additional measures are taken to reduce them without compromising the project itself.

"currently at the facility are the works on installation of metal structures, reinforcement and concreting stairs of the underground part, slabs and vertical structures floors. The estimated average number of visitors of the pavilion "Atom" – 3 thousand people a day. Maximum capacity – 4.5 thousand people at one time. Planned commissioning – August 2021", – said the press service.