Pavel Krasheninnikov, commented on the progress of work on the amendments to the Constitution

Pavel Vladimirovich, earlier you reported that you received by the Committee, the official amendments has been extended. When do you expect to make ready a draft law for the second reading?

Paul Krasheninnikov: the Interest of the society to this subject was extremely high, and the number of proposals received so large that it had to extend the deadline for the submission of amendments. The head of state always emphasizes that all proposals received from citizens needs to be carefully considered. It is assumed that we will complete the acceptance of the amendment on 2 March, after which we will submit the bill on the second reading.

Photo: Sergey Guneev / RIA Novosti Pamfilova spoke about the organization of voting on the Constitution

To date, the Committee received 266 amendments, and taking into account the proposals in the Working group – about 600. To date, the Committee has already considered amendments to four chapters of the Constitution is Chapter 4, 5, 6 and 7, devoted to the President, Government, Federal Assembly and the judiciary and the Prosecutor’s office.

However, the next week in the state Duma, as you know, regional deputies will hold her in communicating with their constituents on the ground, so timing, as they say, is running out…

Pavel Krasheninnikov: the Council of the state Duma has taken this fact into account. The Committee will work on amendments: February 27, we will consider questions relating to the nationwide voting, and on February 28 will be a discussion of amendments to chapters 3 and 8 of the Constitution. They are dedicated to the Federal structure and local government. Thus, all chapters of the Basic Law, which is expected to change will be covered. Therefore, we can say that we are entering the homestretch in the preparation of the bill for the second reading.

However, prior to these meetings, we have yet to discuss the amendment on the issues of Federal structure and local self-government together with the Working group on amending the Constitution of thematic sub-group.

At the suggestion of the President of the polling day to be declared a nationwide weekends, and not at the expense of the upcoming holidays

Final evaluation of the entire work to give the people on the national ballot. As was emphasized by the President, the fate of the amendment depends on decisions of citizens. There is a confidence that each of them will be able to Express their will?

Pavel Krasheninnikov: At the meeting of Working group held on Thursday 20 February, we discussed the procedure for the organization of nationwide voting, with the participation of Deputy Chairman and Secretary of the Central election Commission. Determined that it will follow a model of presidential elections, as governing the law “On elections of President of the Russian Federation” – the most innovative and thoroughly researched from a legal point of view.

the Basic standards that were used in the company for the presidential election in 2018, are unique and rarely found in the world. This also applies to applied technologies. The basic principles that should be observed in the nationwide voting on amendments is the principle of openness and transparency of procedures, accessibility and convenience for citizens. The voting will be secret, it must provide the possibility of free will, which in turn, hopefully, will cause people to have confidence in the procedure and the results of the vote.

the presidential election in addition to strict control, so that no one voted twice, conditions were created for the people who are out of town, on vacation, on watch. But seriously ill come on home. Now it will be taken into account?

Photo: Eugene biyatov / RIA Novosti In the Constitution can prescribe the personal responsibility of the Prime Minister

Pavel Krasheninnikov: All citizens should have the opportunity to Express its position on amendments to the Constitution. The head of state constantly reminds us that our people should decide to amend the Constitution or not. There will be no restrictions on the territorial principle. Anyone who will be away from home, you can re-register at the polling station at the location.

At the suggestion of the President of the polling day to be declared a nationwide weekends, moreover, stressed the head of state, not due to the upcoming holidays.

it is very Important to know where and how to vote, but more importantly – what the person voted. Which of the amendments already adopted in the first reading?

Pavel Krasheninnikov: almost the first place people take out guarantee of social security. In the first reading, we adopted rules that provide for the indexation of pensions and social benefits. The Constitution will state that the state supports the effective functioning of the pension system, which is based on the principles of universality, fairness and solidarity between generations.

By law, the pension and now needs to be indexed, but in fact outsource, then delay, then generally there is no money…

Pavel Krasheninnikov: That’s why the second reading of the proposal is made that the indexation of pensions should be done at least once a year. The President has supported it, noting that it is not less and more – is possible. The consolidation of these provisions in the Constitution will ensure a state’s compliance with its necessarilySTW.

Many of you probably heard about how the inhabitant of Chelyabinsk indexed pension of 1 ruble. Such cases except as a mockery on the people and common sense can not be called. In the sectoral legislation should provide for such I may say, failures. And with this case, too, need to understand.

the Persons exercising public authority in the country, will be allowed to have accounts and deposits in foreign banks located outside Russia

Interest and approval of the people caused the requirement for officials to have foreign citizenship or a residence permit and on compliance with the age limit. Who touches such a restriction?

Pavel Krasheninnikov: These constitutional requirements will apply to the Chairman and members of the government, deputies of the state Duma and the Federation Council members (senators), governors, judges, other heads of Federal Executive authorities and Federal government agencies.

some officials convicted of bribery, the money were in foreign funds. Will do their time, sometimes conditional, and remember, what was the name…

Pavel Krasheninnikov: the second reading is proposed to extend restrictions on persons exercising public authority in the country. They will not be allowed to have accounts and deposits in foreign banks located outside Russia, to store cash and valuables.

I would Like to draw attention to the words of the President that it is not just the requirement to the specific officials – is primarily a measure to ensure the country’s sovereignty.

In your words, in society there is a request for the inclusion in the Constitution the powers of the government in the social sphere, this has got many offers.

Photo: Konstantin Zavrazhin/RG Putin: the Law on amendments to the Constitution can take effect only with the approval of the Russians

Pavel Krasheninnikov: , the Committee proposed that the second reading to give the government new powers, including those of a social nature.

We managed to reach the decision that the government will ensure the implementation of unified state policy in supporting, strengthening and protecting the family, preserving traditional family values.

in addition, the Cabinet will be assigned a function to support scientific and technological development of the country, preservation and development of its scientific potential. This is also a lot was said at the meetings of the working group.

Now only the lazy does not speak about the environment: warming, natural disasters, almost the end of the world. But if you look, who among us is responsible?

Pavel Krasheninnikov: In the amendment proposed to specify that the government is implementing measures in the field of environmental protection, preservation of unique natural and biological diversity of Russia, the formation of ecological culture. These issues are always very relevant to our country and require special attention of the state.