The estate of a deceased Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen (†65) is in Atherton in the U.S. state of California. And now also for sale. The future owner will have to grab deep into the pockets: 41.5 million dollars to the cost of sprawling Villa.

you can buy but also a good neighborhood. The small village in the Silicon Valley, home to several Tech billionaires-including Eric Schmidt (64), former Chairman of the Google Holding the Alphabet, and Meg Whitman (63), former CEO of HP, now the CEO of the Video-Start-ups Quibi.

wood pizza oven and several fireplaces in the garden

The Villa, according to business magazine “Forbes” more than zehmal as large as an average American house. The 1950-square-metre property has 7 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms.

in addition, a cinema room, a Fitness room, a Home-come-Office, and an Outdoor dining area, pizza oven included. Also a Pool and two fireplaces belong to the outer area of the property. It is surrounded by Greenery.

fairy hill for 110 million Swiss francs

Allen, whose fortune was estimated before his death to around 20 billion dollars, purchased the new building in 2013 for $ 27 million. He was also in possession of the “fairy hill” in Los Angeles. The huge piece of Land was put out to tender in October for 110 million Swiss francs. Originally, it wanted to cultivate the billionaire according to his ideas and for yourself. So far it never came.