68 football fields – the size is a piece of Land that has come out in the USA for the second Time on the market. Cost: a mere 110 million Swiss francs!

The crazy price may have much to do with the situation. In Beverly Hills, located in the district of the Rich and Beautiful, from the green Meadow, a view of all of Los Angeles (USA). Last year, the “fairy hill” – the Name of the site – 40 million should cost more.

Five of the sites

Former owner is Paul Allen (†65). The now deceased co-founder of Microsoft, had bought the property in 1997. The former price was the equivalent of about 20 million Swiss francs. Apparently, the billionaire, wanted to cultivate the Land according to his ideas and for yourself, the “Los Angeles Times”. So far it never came.

is Now looking for a new owner. This can start right away. All made the 1920-built house to the ground, a private road, two guarded entrance gates and other infrastructure buildings. Illustrations show what is on the site, everything would be possible. A total of five sites are spread over the hill.

property for a family

“It is one of the most exciting land of Los Angeles,” says a broker according to the Portal “The Realtor”. It’s a white canvas to be able to realise, on the someone. “The possibilities are truly endless.” The buyer could build, for example, as once planned, a family estate with guest houses, fitness center, horse stables, or even a wine boutique.

it is also Possible that the huge area divided into smaller plots of land and exclusive residential area.

Who will always stay one day on the “fairy hill”, gets a prominent neighbors. Close to actress Sandra Bullock (55) or musician Ricky Martin (47) of the houses have about. (jfr)