According to him, we witness attempts to rewrite history and silence the bloody atrocities of fascist regimes. And this is one of the reasons that a hundred years after the fascists and Nazis raised its head in Europe, their slogans are heard again today in the squares of a number of countries. For example, as noted by the Secretary of the Russian security Council, the leaders of the Ukrainian nationalist organizations are in favor of construction in Ukraine “corporate-syndicalist”, and in fact the Nazi state.

According to Patrushev, the guarantee that these organizations inherited from the Ukrainian collaborators of the Nazis 1930 – 1940, imposed on the fraternal people.

“Inspired by the examples of Nazi Germany, the Ukrainian neo-Nazis raiding shops with signs in Russian, Russian books burn, and sometimes people – activists of “Antimiani” in the Odessa trade unions Building on may 2, 2014. Ukrainian radicals intimidated their fellow citizens, interfere with the normal socio-political processes,” said Secretary of the security Council.