According to him, Internet censorship and technologies of modern Western propaganda, including anti-Russian, sometimes I repeat Goebbels ‘ methods.

As noted Patrushev, calls to unite against a “common enemy”, which without any reason the West considers Russia and create conditions for the emergence of ideas of national superiority. This is especially noticeable in the Baltic States, where the government is openly engaged in the suppression of dissent and shameless propaganda of the nationalist and anti-Russian content. All this according to Patrushev, creates a fertile environment for the smooth functioning of neo-Nazi movements.

in addition, as stressed by the Secretary of the security Council, in the world of ideas “blackshirt” and “brown” are taken up by the creators of the “color revolutions” that impose xenophobic and other myths for a violent removal of legitimate governments.

full interview with Nikolai Patrushev read in tomorrow’s number “the Russian newspaper”.