Patrushev commented on the statement of U.S. Department of state

Through power, deception and bypassing the will of the Venezuelan people attempt settlement in Venezuela is unacceptable, said the Secretary of security Council of Russia Nikolai Patrushev. So he appreciated the results of the meeting Secretary of state Mike Pompeo with the leader of the Venezuelan opposition Juan Guido. In Washington, Pompeo and Guido agreed to redouble their efforts to oust the Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro from power. This is one of the goals that the US President Donald trump called in his address to the American nation.

Sure, said Nikolai Patrushev, it is a good desire – to restore in Venezuela peace, harmony and to restore the coordinated work of all state institutions. But open calls to overthrow the legitimate regimes in countries that have inconvenient for Americans of course, have long been characteristic of U.S. foreign policy.

“the consequences of such a policy is known — chaos in entire regions of the world, wars and collapse of States — quoted Patrushev TASS. — These statements of the American side — not that other, as attempt to encourage anti-government forces against the low rating of their leader, and strengthen the position of legitimate authorities”.

Juan of Guido in the United States believe “the interim President of Venezuela”. “Temporary” he was recognized in 60 countries. The situation in Venezuela worsened after the 23 January 2019, the opposition leader Juan Guido declared himself interim President after his appointment to the post of speaker of the Parliament annulled by the Supreme court.

Washington has imposed sanctions on oil companies of Venezuela and prevented American corporations to work in this country. Also Washington has threatened sanctions to Rosneft.

In Venezuela, the Russian military experts that serve air defense systems and aircraft. In addition, cooperation between Moscow and Caracas in the military-technical sphere is estimated at $ 11 billion.