July 4 Independence Day USA, the group “American patriots” is going to restore order in the breakaway on Capitol hill Seattle of autonomy, today existing for the tenth day. The collection volunteer occurs in social networks, and the most active in this our former compatriots. From them we learned the details of the upcoming event aimed at the liberation of Seattle from bullying and vandalism.

Recall the name of CHAZ (Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone – an Autonomous zone of Capitol hill) received the self in the night from 8 to 9 June in the Central part of Seattle for autonomy, calling itself the “commune”. Its initiators and leaders – activists of the movement for the rights of African Americans. 10 days the authorities of Seattle have no control over the center of the city, occupied CHAZ.

– CHAZ is six blocks away, where police withdrew their units, – said our compatriot Andrew Podolsky. The seizure was preceded by a week of violent confrontations with police and national guard. The epicenter was the area of pike street that housed the police building. Cops and soldiers have erected street barricades on the approaches to their base and repeatedly repulsed attacks by “peaceful protesters”. Liberal city hall are strictly forbidden by the cops not to make a hard acceleration, but even to conduct mass arrests, because the detention center and police can become the focus of the spread of coronavirus.

According to Andrei, the outcome of the battle decided the betrayal: during the next storm one of the members of the city Council – the Communist of Indian origin, Kshama savant – let protesters into city hall, and soon the police and soldiers of the national guard ordered to leave the police station. “Liberators of the people” immediately took a vacant building was surrounded by the territories under their control barricades and barbed wire, has established armed checkpoints and announced the creation of “Autonomous zones, free from the current us legislation.” In the newly-minted “people’s Republic” suddenly found himself thousands of citizens. The next day, the owners of autonomy has posted an ultimatum to city authorities, including, among other things, demanded “the total elimination of the legal system in Seattle, the police, the courts and immigration services”.

– While city services continue to serve out-of-control city hall site, – says Andrey. – Working sewage, fire come the challenges of the medical facilities operate in usual mode.

– In the first week in Case already was a coup, adds our compatriot, from Seattle, Olga. Casulty themselves overthrew their first leader – transgender Polish-born Laura Koch. Power perell�� in the hands of a young black rapper. On the same day “free the children of the commune” crammed into the showroom with a goal to set fire to it. Fortunately, the owner managed to fight them on their own, managed to break a fence. Neither the police nor the firefighters didn’t help him. So, to stop the brawlers we can only with your hands!

“anyone who considers himself a patriot of America! – reads the announcement of the group’s liberators Seattle in the social network. – On the morning of July 4, Independence Day, going to Capitol hill to Express their protest against those who illegally seized state property and terrorize small business. We go through CHAZ with American flags, and at the same time clean the monuments located on the territory of CHAZ, from vandalism and graffiti.

Then we in the center chaza rally, which will Express what we think about socialism, which wants to impose on America. We’ll let you know anti-fascists that they are unable to intimidate the people of Seattle! Note: the event is open to all patriots of America. With you are advised to bring: water, snacks, garbage bags, a tool for removing graffiti, flags and other Patriotic symbols”.

the group “patriots of America” everyone can join, but without fear and reproach come only in Russian language. Unlike other Americans, they genuinely don’t see in the invasion of CHAZ no violation of democracy.

We’re not going to offend anyone – says our countryman Denis. On the contrary, want to hold on to their territory cleaning, clean up littered streets, clean painted walls and monuments – in short, to eliminate clutter.

the Administrators of the Patriotic groups are urging users to send photos and videos showing the outrages on the part Azovtsev, promising every day to put them up before the 4 of July.

Those who considers himself a patriot of America, I call “make it great again”: to order an American flag and a hat with Patriotic symbols and invite the cleaning chaza the maximum number of friends.

– Comes all who are interested in realization of their constitutional rights – says our countryman from Seattle Sergey. – I think, July 4, will gather hundreds, if not thousands of people. Look how many people United under the call! Yes, not only in Seattle, all over America went on the movement against these goons!

But how explain my position to those who do not intend to join the opposition, despite the fact that considers himself a patriot:

I don’t believe that everything will go peacefully! says an English resident of Seattle Norman. In America every second person is armed. And don’t tell me that they would go to CHAZ left their trunks at home!

my Whole family supports the police, says our compatriot Face. – Really want to wear the shirt in support��the police, and in the home to hang the poster “tramp-2020”. But we do not because we are afraid that tomorrow some stupid jerk will throw a brick through my window or even burn the house down! I’m afraid for children to go to school, where they will be hounded for the fact that their parents are not a herd of sheep. I’m afraid that any black brother would attack me in the street! When, at what point did we get here?! How to deal with it? And the worst thing is that most Americans sit in their shells, they are all okay. The only Russian to have a sense of resentment over the fact that we are afraid to be themselves. Have to sit in a Russian-speaking group, where you can at least speak out and to go to the police stations with pies, to support the police, who were hunted down like wolves they shoot. It’s just a drop in the chaos, but at least to the last hope disappeared.