“A pathetic club. The money the government is for the people and companies that are struggling to Survive. How much money did your last season – Second in the Premier League and Champions-League-winner – taken? You love justice. It would be well, if the League would cease operation – you deserve it otherwise.”

The criticism, hailing from all sides of the FC Liverpool. Experts and Ex-players of the “Reds” are showing shocked football fans from all over the island romp, the own Mitearbeiter the values of the club in question. But what happened?

Liverpool FC, from the state

The leaders of the currently-interrupted Premier League assist of the season applied for on the basis of the Corona-crisis as a fifth English club to Tottenham Hotspur, Norwich City, AFC Bournemouth and Newcastle United government help.

Klopp-the club has sent some 200 employees in forced leave. The British government had previously announced, 80% of wages up to a height of 2500 pounds in a month retroactively from 01. To take March, for three months – for the conservation of places of work. imago/i Images, The policy jumps – up to date for Liverpool FC – and takes 80% of the salaries

This means that the Status quo of the majority of the salaries of the forced vacation of skillful employees, the General public is worn. Employees of an Association, the has has in the last season over 100 million euros profit and equity of 250 million euros.

staff: “don’t Feel like a family member,”

For Ex-players, experts, Fans and the employees of their own, an absolute No-Go! An anonymous employee from Liverpool has little sympathy. “The club refers to the employees as a family. I don’t feel like a family member. Why does a Club that achieves more than £ 100 million, a government program for its employees, when other companies need it any more?” he told the BBC.

Also, Jürgen Klopp is in this Angelegneheit not a good figure. The Liverpool coach has been criticised by Ex-players, Jamie Carragher fierce. The great compassion that the popular Coach had shown in the past crisis days, is now forgotten, Carragher.

The accusation is due to the fact that the Liverpool-professionals and coach Klopp collect their full salaries, even more serious.

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