After an hour-long and emotional debate, the national Council approved on Wednesday a two-week paternity leave. This as a counter-proposal to the popular initiative, which calls for four weeks and in the next February to the vote – if it is not withdrawn after the recent parliamentary decision. On 2. October, decide the brains behind the desire, whether you want to give yourself two weeks to be satisfied, and your project to drop. A retreat seems to the Committee quite conceivable, as the “Sunday newspaper” reported.

But even if the ballot fails, the amount of time to wait. The Federal speedy implementation seems not to be located, is critical of the Left.

“The Federal Council trötzelt”

in fact, the Federal social insurance office (BSV) explained on request that the two-week paternity leave, also without a vote on 1. January 2021 comes into force. The people will be questioned, delayed the launch by another year.

it was much too late, cursing the initiators of the project. “The Federal Council trötzelt,” says SP-Nationalrat Adrian Wüthrich (39, BE) scarce.

The state government wanted to leave no paternity. And now, after the Parliament had decided otherwise, to delay its introduction. “We should be at 2. October draw the Initiative back,” continues Wüthrich, “I expect that the Federal government sets the paternity leave, at the latest, in the summer of 2020.” And even in the case of a vote at the beginning of 2020, the date of entry into force was the beginning of 2021 “easily” possible, is the President of the Association “paternity leave now!” convinced.

87’000 births per year

Wüthrich refers to the period of maternity leave, which was addressed at the time much more quickly After the population Yes, at the end of September 2004, this was already in the summer for that reality.

with more than 87’000 births per year within a few months of delay have a big impact for a great number of Swiss households. “With each half year that passes, will receive tens of thousands of families, no holiday, although you are entitled to it,” said Wüthrich. The Federal Council was well advised to accept the will of Parliament.