Four weeks or 20 working days, may be missing a fresh-baked father at work. That was the core demand of the “paternity leave now!”-The people’s initiative. At the ballot box, the voting public about it but not Express.

reason: The creators behind the people, the fathers organization “men”, the workers ‘ organization of Labour.Suisse, the woman is the umbrella organisation Alliance F, as well as Pro Familia, to withdraw their Initiative. Because 50 percent of your claim if you have already achieved, without an expensive and exhausting referendum campaign led.

Four old men in the Federal Council wanted nothing from Papi-holiday know

a look back: two weeks Ago, the national Council for a stripped-down, two-week Papi-holiday-variant, after the Council of States. Thus, the United Federal Assembly on an indirect counter-proposal. A reminder: The Federal Council had been in the autumn of 2017 yet without compromise against the Papi-holiday, and the Initiative for the rejection is recommended.

“Shabby – four old men-bottomed paternity leave”, was the headline in a VIEW, after the Federal Council had sunk the Papi-holiday supposedly.

the Two weeks Papiferien Apply from 2020?

but Why the initiators to withdraw their maximum demand for four weeks? With the withdrawal, you make space for the SP and have thought of parents time. The Parliament has two weeks ‘ paternity leave for the Committee a “minimal solution” and a “long overdue step”.

“The paternity leave is only the beginning – what we really want is a parents time,” said Travail.Suisse-Chef and dad-holiday-Initiator Adrian Wüthrich (39) to a VIEW, when the Parliament decided the two weeks version. He admitted: “it Should refuse the people of the four weeks of paternity leave, could delay the discussion of a parents’ time.”

the implementation of the two-weeks-variant could be Delayed, however. According to the “Tages-Anzeiger” is superior to individual SVPler and young, liberal-minded, to take the Referendum against the paid-Papi-holiday.

Therefore, the Papiferien-initiators have withdrawn their Initiative only subject to change, should be submitted to a Referendum.

in Addition, the Papiferien-founders now make up the Federal Council pressure. “We expect the Federal Council to implement the paternity leave within nine months. So, at the latest, by the middle of 2020,” says Founder Adrian Wüthrich. “The length of a pregnancy should be enough to put the Papiferien actually in force.”