a Mediterranean diet is increasing in popularity, but the Pasta was not in the past: Often, the dough is said to were made from hard wheat semolina that you provide extra pounds on the hips. For all the Pasta Fans, there is now some good news: studies by Italian scientists claim the opposite. The eating habits of 23,000 adults from the Region of Molise was analysed in the Adriatic and a regular Pasta consumption in masses with a healthy weight associated.

The scrub kitchen not only tastes extremely good, is also healthy. A Spanish study shows that the olive-oil-rich Mediterranean cuisine to have a positive effect on the heart.

How healthy Pasta is really?

The researchers from the Department of Epidemiology, I. R. C. C. S. Neuromed, in Pozzilli, brought the study, since the Mediterranean diet – rich in fish, olive oil, vegetables, cereals and fruit always is praised, the role of Pasta it was, however, quite clear. According to Licia Iacoviello from Neuromed Institute, there is no reason to banish Spaghetti, fettuccine, Ravioli & co. from the dining plan.

“In many popular theories, it is not recommended for Pasta, if you want to lose weight. Some people banish the pasta completely from your diet. However, in terms of the results of our study, we can say that this is the right way. We are talking here about a fundamental component of the Italian Mediterranean Tradition. There is no reason to give it up.”

Mediterranean diet helps weight loss

Apparently, those who regularly eat Pasta, hold on a Mediterranean diet that helps you maintain a healthy weight to put. In addition, Pasta is supposed to provide as part of a balanced diet for a healthy BMI.

“In the analysis of the body mass of the participants and their eating habits, we have found that the consumption of Pasta, in contrast to what many may think, with weight gain, but rather the opposite is the case,” said the study leader, George Punis. “Our records show that the Enjoy of Pasta according to the individual needs can contribute to a healthy BMI, a lower waist circumference and an improved waist-to-hip ratio.”

The study was published in the journal “Nutrition and Diabetes'”. (cm)

you will by nutritionists around the globe recommended: The Mediterranean diet. What’s up with that?

Usually it is the sausage – if you ask Italy and China, but rather to the noodle! Who invented the Pasta, and how hot the various varieties of the all-rounder, really?


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