Pasta, canned goods, apples, tea and toilet paper: London goes on Packed Lunches

Almost 1.5 thousand people increased the number infected with the coronavirus COVID-19 for the last day in the UK. Contracted and heir to the throne.

Coronavirus has penetrated into the Royal family. A positive result given the analyses of the heir to the throne Prince Charles. He is 71. It is reported that the disease occurs in a mild form. Charles isolated in the residence of Balmoral in Scotland. His wife Camilla virus no. Queen Elizabeth II is in his Windsor castle near London. Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who owes every Tuesday to appear before it a report, this time communicated with the monarch on the phone.

Johnson is especially thanked the volunteers who responded to the call to help the health care system of great Britain.

“We hoped to collect 250 thousand volunteers for a few days. But I can tell you that in just a day responded to the call of 405 thousand applicants. They deliver meds from pharmacies to patients and to accompany them from hospital to home. More importantly, volunteers will regularly call those who are sitting at home, and ask about the necessary assistance”, — said the head of the UK government, Boris Johnson.

half a million Britons suffering from severe diseases, have received letters from the government urging not to go out for 12 weeks. They promise to deliver food at home. Already showed how will look the standard kit for those in need: pasta, canned goods, apples, tea and toilet paper.

All others, except those included in the category of key workers are now allowed to leave the house once a day for groceries, to the drugstore for a walk or a jog. Oxford street has always been considered the busiest shopping street in London, before there was crowded today, the picture is quite different. London was deserted. In the town tourists there, and they have nowhere to go, everything is closed.

In the ringing emptiness of the slightest sound reverberates. The wind SDuwait fallen lanterns in Chinatown in Central London. The owner of the restaurant Ki SAI was forced to dismiss almost the entire staff. Left the chef and several assistants, made to order. Ki SAI fears that quarantine may be delayed until August.

“If it will last more than five months, and all this time we remain without visitors, it is our business to an end. And not only for us to be closed will have all the Chinese quarter,” says restaurant owner Ki SAI.

next week in London should make the decision, whether to move the tennis tournament at Wimbledon, due to start on June 29. Will take — this is little doubt.

In the isolation mode now works German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who was on reception at the doctor, who, as it turned out, was infected COVID-19.

“the Chancellor feels well, she continues to work, as we have said, out of the house and is in close contact with all members of the Cabinet, with his staff, and holds important international negotiations of the house”, — told the official representative of the German government.

In Britain the number of deaths from the coronavirus to the evening of March 25 reached 468 people in the whole world for more than 20 thousand victims of this disease.