Passengers will be more likely to meet the airports of the imager

In her hands was a thermal imager. In one of the last rows of the cabin apparatus, apparently, responded to the temperature of passengers. The girl with the imager asked them how they feel. When said that they’re doing well, she suggested that the device reacted to the streams of hot air from the engine of the aircraft. Tested for coronavirus all went well. The stewardess said that the flights of airlines flying in here from EU countries, only recently began to test for coronavirus. Before that it had been tested only passengers from CIS countries. The crew, incidentally, is also testing a thermal imager.

Photo: EPA-EFE/NICOLA FOSSELLA Lithuania confirmed its first case of infection with coronavirus

Leaving the plane, I noticed that the police and passport control – all in protective masks.

meanwhile, in the Prague airport on the coronavirus was reminded just posters and counters with disinfectant, they were not only in the toilet, and at the registration table. The staff of the airport worked without protective masks. And passengers don’t wear them EN masse. Seen in masks only three passengers.

For any flight check passengers

At the headquarters of the Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova to the correspondent “the Russian newspaper” reported that all checkpoints across the state border of the Russian Federation is amplified dual control coming from disadvantaged regions of individuals using stationary and portable thermal imaging equipment.

Russia will temporarily restrict the entry of foreigners from South Korea and Iran

Initially, it only applied to arrivals from China. But with the February 25 orderNIJ Rospotrebnadzor started checking on coronavirus flights from China, Korea, Italy and Iran. “In Sheremetyevo airport since March 1, 2020 c 0 hours flight from Italy, Iran and Korea are transferred to the terminal F, where all passengers undergo sanitary-quarantine control, – have informed in the device of Tatiana Golikova.

If a passenger has a fever (imager showed more than 37 degrees), there are other signs, in this case airplane ambulance evacuated to the infectious hospital.