Passenger taken off the train

the Passenger train “Moscow – Volgograd” was taken off the train in Borisoglebsk, after a sharp deterioration. It was planned to deliver by helicopter to Moscow, however, according to recent reports, the woman is in a separate box in Borisoglebsk district hospital.

the Woman herself turned for help to doctors at the station in Borisoglebsk, according to “News of Voronezh” . She complained of a sore throat and said that on the eve arrived from Europe. She lives with her husband in Holland. Her husband recently visited his son in Belgium who fell ill with middle East respiratory syndrome. The passenger trains took the tests, but their results have not been disclosed.

it is Known that with a woman in the car was driving 37 people. If coronavirus infection in the passenger confirmed, all her fellow travelers face a quarantine.

Recall that in Voronezh today is not officially recorded any case of infection with coronavirus. In hospitals for inpatient treatment are 9 people check for its presence. In neighboring Voronezh, Lipetsk and Belgorod regions have recorded cases of infection. In Lipetsk and Kursk area from-for threats of infection introduced the mode of increased readiness.

Text: GTRK “Voronezh”