Passed a revolutionary law on citizenship of the Russian Federation

the state Duma adopted the law, which radically changes the rules for obtaining Russian citizenship to residents of Russia with residence permit foreigners: refusal of passports of other countries from them do not require. At the same time passed a law simplifying the rules for the prolongation of patents for migrant workers.

“MK” wrote earlier about this document, that Executive power had long prepared, and the legislature ultimately adopted very quickly being introduced to the state Duma on 7 April, the first reading it passed on April 14, and the second and third of the 17th. On the same day the law was approved by the Federation Council.

Since 2002 the law “On citizenship of the Russian Federation” stipulates that one of the prerequisites for obtaining a Russian passport is the renunciation of foreign citizenship. Now, this requirement disappears. To become a Russian citizen if other conditions and requirements is possible, while remaining at the same time a citizen of any other state in the world (if that other state as Russia allows its citizens to hold multiple passports).

But an important caveat: to qualify for Russian citizenship without renunciation of foreign will, only those foreigners who permanently reside on the territory of Russia, having received here residence permit.

in addition, for some categories of foreigners wishing to become Russians, removes the requirement to prove “legitimate source of livelihood”. No such evidence can, for example, to apply for obtaining Russian citizenship within the simplified procedure those who are recognized as native Russian speakers, those who are not less than three years is married to living in Russia the citizen of the Russian Federation and those who graduated from Russian University since 2002 and works here.

the Right to citizenship in a simplified manner without the help of legitimate sources of livelihood will be given to all living in Russia citizens of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova and Ukraine.

Initially, (at the discussion stage in the government), it was assumed that this law will enter into force six months later, the Ambassador publication, but in the end it was decided to reduce this period to 90 days. Deputy interior Minister Igor Zubov assured the deputies that it is really three months to develop all the necessary regulations that would have said and explained many details.

April 17 at the plenary room of the first Deputy head of the Duma Committee on CIS Affairs, Eurasian integration and relations with compatriots Konstantin Zatulin (“ER”) said about the two essential amendments were offered by deputies from different factions, but was eventually rejected. The just Russia Mikhail Emelyanov Oleg Nilov wanted to cancel the requirement of renunciation of foreign citizenship only dLa living in Russia citizens of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Moldova. But most of the members of the Committee felt that in this way “we together with water, throw and child, because manifest injustice in the attitude of many Russians and Russian speakers from other CIS countries and the Baltic States, will block a return to Russia the Volga Germans, and other interested categories of countrymen,” said Mr. Zatulin. In his words, “a different kind of test weights to adjust and prevent various kinds of distortions when it comes to granting citizenship of the Russian Federation” and in fact was enough.

Another amendment was signed by Mr. Zatulin, head of the Committee for CIS Affairs Leonid Kalashnikov (CPRF) and Kazbek by Tinaevym (CPRF). Its essence is to give the right to receive a Russian passport in a simplified manner and without resettlement in Russia “compatriots”. But understanding in the government and the majority of colleagues from the relevant Committee, the sponsors of the amendment could not be found, relocation to Russia is becoming a key requirement in order to gain access to the above exemptions.

on 17 April was made two of the law on “migration” theme. One of them will allow labour migrants who work in Russia legally, buying a patent, to renew it indefinitely without leaving for limits of Russia. Now explained from the Duma rostrum by one of the authors of the initiative, Mr. Kalashnikov, in the territory of the Russian Federation works with patents 1.6 million foreigners. By purchasing a patent, it can be extended once, and then, if a migrant wants to continue to work in Russia, he must again cross the border: as a rule, go on a couple of hours, and then again enter, spending a lot of money and time. The bill was drafted and introduced prior to the epidemic, “but this measure is particularly relevant,” said Mr. Kalashnikov: after not being able to work legally, the migrant becomes illegal.

Another law exempted from the payment of a fee of 3.5 thousand rubles for the adoption of the Russian citizenship of residents of the unrecognized republics DNR and LC. This group of foreigners receives Russian passport in a simplified manner according to the presidential decree of 24 April last year. Andrei Kozenko (“ER”) said that for many residents of these territories, where the official average salary – 12 thousand rubles, and pension payment is 5 thousand rubles exemption from duties will be of great help. According to the MP, for mid-April of the passport of the Russian Federation received about 200 thousand of the 3.7 million inhabitants of the DNI and LC.