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our Message is that both the king and I am deeply and very impressed with all the good work that is done – the important and great work that is done in these days of pretty land, ” says the queen, that together with king Harald, trying to make påskestemning on Kongsseteren in Voksenkollen in Oslo.

In the year there will be a different easter for many – also for the royal couple.

Many people are afraid

as of now, there are over 5,000 people who are infected with koronaviruset in Norway. In order to limit the spread of the virus, schools and kindergartens closed, in addition to several businesses and companies. There are many laid off, and over 310.850 have searched Nav for unemployment benefits.

King Harald says he understands that many now are afraid in an uncertain and vulnerable situation.

We know that there are many people who have it difficult. Both financially and in other ways.

– There are many laid off. It is a self-employed person who is afraid to lose his business. It is workers who are afraid to lose the workplace. And there are many who simply are afraid to lose their health, he adds.

SPOKE TO the PEOPLE: King Harald gave a speech from the Kongsseteren 15. march in the year after that he was in quarantine for a study abroad.

Photo: The royal court / NTB scanpi

They believe that the solution is to help each other forward, and trust to the authorities.

– We must have great trust to the authorities, and try to do as well as we can with the advice we have received to be able to get this crisis over as quickly as possible, ” says Sonja.

– Together we shall succeed

the royal couple have a strong belief that Norway will make it through this crisis.

– Together we shall achieve this. As a nation and in cooperation with the rest of the world. The latter is quite important. The whole world is now in a crisis situation, ” says king Harald.

IMPRESSED: They are impressed with all the work that is laid down in the pretty country.

Photo: Anne Liv Ekroll / Anne Liv Ekroll, NRK

the Key lies in to help each other, believe the queen.

I think we should do it in a very nice way. We should help each other.

the Queen points out that the Norwegian people are a healthy people, and that we, by standing together, to achieve this.

– If not long we can give each other a big hug again.

Can get something good out of the situation

the royal couple celebrates easter this year on Kongsseteren. It is Kongeparets private property and it is celebrated often, christmas and other holidays.

CHRISTMAS celebration: the Queen Sonja, princess Ingrid Alexandra, prince Sverre Magnus and king Harald, the cost of Kongsseteren to decorate the gingerbread as the family celebrated christmas in 2007.

Photo: Lise Åserud / SCANPIX

Queen Sonja think it will eventually come something good out of this.

I actually believe nothing good will come out of this. We must readjust ourselves. We must look to the future. And we need to find solutions that I think will be useful also when we come out of this crisis, ” she says.

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