Party protests in Ingushetia sentenced to a year and nine months in a penal colony

Zheleznovodsk city court of Stavropol territory has sentenced Hassan Kaziev, the participant of the meeting in Magas in the spring of 2019. Man sentenced to one year and nine months in prison, the human rights center “memorial”. Kaziev became the 22nd condemned on the case of protests in the capital of Ingushetia.

Kazieva was found guilty under part 1 of article 318 of the criminal code (application to authority of violence not dangerous to life or health). According to investigators, he allegedly punched a soldier of Regardie leg. He Kaziev denies wrongdoing.

according to the minutes of the interrogation of the victim of rogatica Zilina, March 27, on the square in Magas, where protesters have gathered Kaziev kicked him in the right torso. The activist argues that when between protesters and security forces started the conflict, he ran in the direction of the crowd. He saw an unconscious man who was bleeding. “When I brought the victim in a sense, resguardar already gone in the direction of the Avenue Zyazikov. I would physically not be able to catch up with them,” explained Kaziev.

His interests are represented by lawyers Vitaliy Zubenko working on an agreement with the international human rights group Agora, and Biramous Backweb.

the state Prosecutor asked to appoint punishment in Kazieva a year and ten months of imprisonment with punishment serving in a colony. Of mitigating circumstances, he pointed out the presence of the defendant’s two young children, the Ministry of the interior (Kaziev – senior Lieutenant of police, he worked four years as a detective officer in the interior Ministry of Ingushetia; he resigned before the events in Magas), positive characteristics. To an aggravating circumstance is attributed the fact that the crime alleged was committed “on motives of political hatred”.

Lawyer Vitaly Zubenko asked to justify Kazieva. He said that you cannot blame the people who came to the meeting on legal protectionthose of their land rights, in political hatred to the ruling regime. The result, in his opinion, were incorrect, one-sided, accusatory slant, and wine Kazieva was never proven. The defense had no opportunity to cross-examine the victim and prosecution witnesses.

“the basic materials of the criminal case includes a lot of video and photos that give an objective picture of the events on the square. We could see action Kazieva. But we were not given the opportunity to study them,” said Zubenko.

At sentencing, the judge Muharam Samatov ruled out the motive of political strife and the impact on Kazieva the leaders of the protest. He took into account mitigating circumstances, including commendations from the former head of the Republic Yunus-Bek Yevkurov and the interior Ministry. However, the judge appointed Kazieva almost the same term, which was requested by the Prosecutor.

Kaziev will be released in early April.

April 16, 2019 Miassky district court fined Hassan Kaziev born in 1988 to 20 thousand rubles for participation in an unsanctioned rally on March 27. 23 APR Kazieva was again detained at the airport of Mineral Waters and delivered to Nalchik, where he was placed in a detention center of internal Affairs on KBR. Through the day the Nalchik city court took him into custody.

First Kazieva was charged under part 2 of article 318 of the criminal code (use of violence dangerous to life of health against a representative of authorities), and then reclassified the charges on p. 1 of the same article.

Protests in Ingushetia

March 26, 2019 in Magas was agreed a meeting dedicated to the protests against the local law on the referendum. March 28, deputies were preparing to consider the second reading the draft law “On referendum of the Republic of Ingushetia,” which was previously adopted in the first reading. However, the head of the Republic Yunus-Bek Yevkurov, has withdrawn the bill from the people withubrania amid criticism of the opposition, who said that it does not specify the grounds under which a referendum would be required, and lists only those issues that cannot be put to a referendum.

As noted by the lawyer, the Chairman of the Ingush branch of the party “the Apple” Ruslan Mutsolgov, a new version of the law is dictated by high-profile border agreement with Chechnya, signed on 26 September 2018. In the end, the opponents of the law staged a rally, demanding to send Yevkurov to resign, and also to introduce direct presidential elections and a mixed system of elections of deputies of the National Assembly of Ingushetia and the municipal councils. The activists said that after the withdrawal of the bill on the referendum from Parliament the authorities have lost the trust of people.

After the start of the action, the protesters drew attention to the disruption of Internet access. Stationary Internet access was also disabled in all next to the cafe area. The head of the Ingush branch of JSC “Rostelecom” Bashir Hashagulgov explained that the accident on the main line.

Night protesters stayed in place the stock, which continued the next morning and resulted in clashes with members of Regardie. The soldiers pushed the protesters from entering local TV, followed by clashes: protesters threw guards bottles, dropped the iron fence, the security forces would beat protesters with rubber truncheons.

After several clashes of protesters held talks with the authorities. They have promised to agree a new protest to be held at the same place in five days. After that, most of the protesters went home, but the other part of the protesters blocked the Federal highway Rostov-on-don – Baku.

the participants of the rally adopted a resolution of six points. They demanded the resignation of Yunus-Bek Yevkurov, the investigation of corruption of the leadership of Ingushetia, the cancellation of the agreement on the establishment of the border with Chechnya and refusal of amendments in the Republican law on referendum, the return of direct elections and the implementation of the provisions of the Law on rehabilitation of repressed peoples in terms of rehabilitation of the Ingush, the victims of Stalinist repression.

In April, the court arrested for two months the leaders of the protests in Ingushetia Ahmed Musa and barahoeva Mal’sagov in the case of the use of violence against police (article 318 of the criminal code). Barahoeva and Mal’sagov detained April 13, immediately after the completion of 10 days of administrative arrest on charges of organization of an action without filing the notice (part 2 of article 20.2 of the administrative code).

With the end of last year, earned the “court pipeline”: Zheleznovodsk of Stavropol court issues verdicts to the meeting. Thus, on 13 December, a former officer of the Ministry Seyt-Magomed Nalgiev got 1 year and 4 months of prison. According to investigators, Nalgiev grabbed a rubber truncheon resguardar and crushed him with a metal fence, causing him to feel physical pain. The case was heard in a special manner, because the man pleaded guilty. Earlier, the court sentenced the participants of the rally in Magas Ramazan Gagieva to 4 months in a penal colony on charges of hitting a stop at a shield resguardar.

Hassan Zyazikov and Timur Oziev received one year and one month and one year and seven months in prison, respectively. According to investigators, Zyazikov out of a sense of “political strife” threw a rock at officer Regardie and hit him in the right leg. The defendant stated that he threw the stone to protect the elderly in the square of Magas, and not for political reasons. Ozieva was found guilty that he pulled the shield of rogatica, because of what he had experienced “physical pain in the region of the left hand,” wrote Novaya Gazeta.

Adam Bagiev got a year and 10 months in prison, Ahmed Nalgiev – year and nine months, GreenKhan Baphoun – 1.5 years, reported by “the Media”.

Magomed Ozdoev has received 1 year and 4 months of a colony-settlements. According to the prosecution, he took part in an unsanctioned rally, experiencing “political hostility” to the Republican authorities, under the religious influence of the organizers, “cry the audience to manhood”, and exhorted the citizens not to obey the police to disperse. In addition, Ozdoev was charged with use of violence against a representative of authorities (article 318 of the criminal code).

You Ozdoyev, a native of Sunzha, told the court that during a meeting in Magas attacked three employees of Regardie because of political beliefs, but only answered clubbing.

In late February, the 25-year-old Ibrahim Dagiev received one year and two months in prison. Judge Anna nikitiuk recognised the young man guilty that he, “not wanting to leave the place of holding an unsanctioned rally”, caused resguardar harm, not dangerous to life and health.

Doview partially admitted guilt. According to defendant, he “really twice kicked resguardar, protecting those on the square old people, but it has not appealed to this political motive in his actions was not.”