There was wine and champagne à discretion – only the Best for the Best. The 4,000 Chinese people that filled on Monday evening, the exhibition hall 1 on the Allmend in Lucerne, belonging to the Top sales personnel of Jeunesse Global. For the U.S. cosmetics company even offered Oesch’s the third. Lüpfig-rock folk music, “what a great reception,” says a Participant to VIEW.

there was mashed potatoes Served with chicken, a Cherry-Tomätli and a half of the green asparagus. Later, it held no more on the Seats. “We were immersed in a Ocean of joy”, so a further seller. “In every face I saw only joy.” Omitted you danced until the lights went out – if the Mao (†82) knew.

The Chinese rulers indulged in luxury, exploited his people. Mao Zedong believed in the life-prolonging practices of the Taoist Tradition. The Jeunesse Global seller trust in turn have a rejuvenating effect of the displaced cosmetic products. And to make pretty cash.