the stumbling block was the concept that Merkel is going to defend in connection with the crisis of the EU, in which Germany from 1 July for six months taking over the chairmanship. According to leaks from Berlin, the command of the Chancellor strongly warn against of course on the transformation of the EU into a “debt Union” that would include the distribution of financial burden between countries of the North. Although earlier, the government made it clear that he is not going to take on the shoulders of German taxpayers the burden of saving the most affected by the coronavirus of countries, especially the Mediterranean region. “Changes in the attitude of the Chancellor has caused confusion in Economic Council of the CDU and the middle class. Small businesses are afraid of devastating consequences” – the newspaper notes.

“the Reason for the criticism was the active support of Angela Merkel financial aid programs to combat the economic crisis, which will benefit primarily the state of South and Eastern Europe,” writes Die Welt. We are talking about the Foundation of economic recovery in the amount of 750 billion euros, which the Chancellor is “signed” with the President of France Emmanuel Macron. “Thereby, Germany has made a 180 degree… To the EU summit Merkel hopes to break the resistance of the “Thrifty four” – Austria, the Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark, – the newspaper writes. In his own party Merkel was faced not only with the approval”. The Secretary-General of the Economic Council, Wolfgang Steiger is confident that Germany must show solidarity with the Quartet of northerners. He is closer to the approach of the Chancellor of Austria Sebastian Kurz, who is inclined to provide the neighbors support in the form of loans repaid on certain conditions, not a “cash gift”.

Boiling and the middle class. “With an eye on France and countries of southern Europe, Merkel has gone over into the camp of supporters of rasshiryaya money and rejected a policy of the CDU, which is based on a market economy and personal responsibility. This is unfortunate,” concludes the President of the Union of a family of entrepreneurs Reinhold von Eyben-Worlee.