Your friend, and you go through life, apparently, your first big crisis. Such situations are painful, but they are a fact of relationship life. You now have a Chance that you can grow in this thing. But that’s only if you throw out immediately all in.

It was a good step that you were talking with your friend about your needs. Even if you are now for the first time of Trouble. Because if you go to the what’s on your mind and what you wish for, under the carpet, not her.

at the same time, it is understandable that your friend has violently reacted. For him, sexual exclusivity is important to you, so that he can feel in a relationship salvaged. He must be able to accurately represented as free and strong as your desire for other experiences.

not Accepted that a common way for sensitive issues, often revealed in the first attempt. It talks, experiments and the will need, a miss mood to endure.

Many people underestimate how much is required of an open relationship by all parties Involved. Without a stable base and excellent conflict management to control in a Disaster. Your current crisis is showing you, so maybe you need to grow as a Couple first, before you can start such an adventure.

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