The elegant man in a dark suit with a lemon yellow tie sits self-consciously in the dock. He will answer all the questions of the judge, absolutely. The criminal command of 28. March 2018 has shot Armando D.* (54) from Cresciano, TI in the Wind. The entrepreneur wants to show before the Federal criminal court in Bellinzona flag. It finally go to its good reputation and to be the Heli-company silvercraft Helicopters Ltd., Biasca, TI.

The Federal Prosecutor Armando D. alleges a violation of the war material act. He tried over half a year ago, to illegally import two military helicopters (without Motor) of the Italian Navy in Switzerland. The two Agusta Bell 212 ASW could be equipped with missiles and torpedoes.

fight-Helis should have to England

you are not a war material, to resist Armando D. in the courtroom speaks on Monday. Everything the Military had been removed prior to the sale already. Therefore, he had not declared the goods as war material. But that falls on 14. February 2019 at the customs of Chiasso TI on. The delivery is recorded and the state Secretariat for economic Affairs (Seco) reported. The Federal government begins legal profession to determine.

Armando D. fights back. “The helicopters have been offered regularly in Italy online. 800 interested parties, there was,” says the Ticino entrepreneur. “You could see the helicopter in La Spezia.” He then bought a North Italian weapons dealer five helicopters. The two, by the customs seized, should go to two British film production companies. “The helicopters were intended as props for an action flick.”

defendant defends Ticino rocket man

Spicy: Armando D. is a business friend of the Ticino arms dealer, Antonio M.* (42) from Bissone, TI. In the Hangar on the airfield of Voghera (I) discovered by the Italian police in July, an extensive Arsenal, in the middle of it for ship and anti – aircraft missiles, and even a full-blown medium-range missile steer kits (VIEW reported). Also the colleague who is currently in detention in Italy in the house, defended Armando D. opposite VIEW: “The medium-range missile was not a weapon, but pure decoration.”

* names have been changed