As a Partner, the company is generally in a shitty situation: whatever one gives to his Opposite as a criticism, and it was meant to be so good and yet so gently formulated, it is immediately devalued, and dismissed. No one wants to look stupid; at the very least, in front of that person, the is a the next. That is understandable, but nevertheless false Pride, because from whom can you learn more? And what is that supposed to be for a life in which there is nothing more to learn?

The Problem, however, is that it is granted to his Partner every now and then a piece of advice, but rather, in the chronic consultation. The a then to a therapist of the other, and that can’t happen in a relationship. Because then it’s no longer a relationship, but a clinic. By your tips your man experienced himself as being faulty, and thus not lovable. That he resists it, is logical and justified.

It is unlikely that anything will change

just As entitled to your desire, not on the side of a people life that is constantly in a bad mood but. And the essential question is not, how you can change that – but rather how you handle it, if it changes. What is unfortunately the most likely, since most people displace their problems now rather than solve.

There are in any relationship things that you had not desired so. Under these disadvantages, but there are those which you can live a good life, and those which you just can not live, and in a bad mood, definitely belongs to the latter. You will not have to drag a marriage into consideration. Because as I said: you need to be in a good mood is more than legitimate. But to satisfy in a relationship with this man, I guess.