On Monday, the Federal Parliament meet again, at the last Session before the national elections in October. Not in flip-flops and Shorts, but recovered and happily in a big spender: voters gifts from the tax Fund in an election year, namely high season!

Particular issue showed a joyful since the beginning of the year, the social Democrats. The party has already submitted claims in the amount of around 10 billion Swiss francs. Time and time again with reference to the rich Surpluses of the Federal government and the “unproductive debt”. However, the 2.8 billion francs in profit from last year and also the next is already predictable Surplus of 2019 would melt quickly, welcomed the Parliament and the people is only a part of the SP claims well.

3 billion Swiss francs required by the SP for its Marshall Plan for the energy transition. This is a investment program, to accelerate the Oil-exit Switzerland. the CHF 1 billion a year want to take the SPler also for their further education Initiative “work and training for all” from the state Treasury. With the money a Fund is to be increased for developments that do not lead to interruptions to Employment, and in federally recognised qualifications as a result. the 3 to 4 billion Swiss francs the social Democrats also appreciate the cost that would draw your premium relief Initiative to. This covers the expenses for health insurance premiums in each household to a maximum of 10 percent of disposable income. the 1.4 to 1.5 billion Swiss francs more spending by the state would have to plan, if the SP, with their demands on retirement Reform through. The party raises charges against the higher pension age for women and for higher wages.

a whole series of demands, which are assigned to the SP with the other parties and to the Federal Council and is not listed here, is yet to come.

The other parties to keep track of your own spending plans, as well as a selection of requirements from their media releases since January.

a Minimum of 3 billion Swiss francs would like to spend the CVP. So the opponent calls for of the marriage penalties now that they are mitigated in the forthcoming AHV Reform “at least”. This would be expensive: 2017 married couple would have received if they had not been married, and 2.6 billion Swiss francs. Further, the Parliament approved a CVP application, the increase in the direct Federal tax to the General children, a deduction of 6500 to 10 000 francs. Cost: 350 Million Swiss Francs. the With around 800 million Swiss francs is a hobby-horse of the green liberal: The individual taxation for all. You yourself see it, however, no voters a gift, but an “increase incentives to work”, for example, for well-educated women. The FDP thrusts into the same Horn. the With nearly 1.5 billion shows the SVP, in the cafeteria. So the party this spring, renewed their demand of 1 billion Swiss francs for the purchase of fighter jets to spend, after the Federal Council had the amount to 6 billion. Likewise, the ever-increasing health insurance premiums softened savers-party: SVP supported higher lump-sum deductions in the case of the direct Federal tax for 465 million Swiss francs. Similarly, the SVP wanted to expand, the increase of the deductions in the Federal tax for the care and supervision of children: In contrast to the other parties and the Federal Council, the SVP campaigned for the deduction to parents to extend the care for their children themselves. So they come to the approved 10 million Swiss francs a couple of million to do so. the Estimated 40 million Swiss francs would like to output the BDP, in addition. 25 million Swiss francs is required for people over 55 who have had at least ten years, AHV-liable income, can no longer be controlled until they Reach the pension age out. You should continue to receive supplementary benefits, and assistance in work integration. Similarly, the BDP demands that maternity compensation for farmers. This better social security protection, the Greens support, is expected to cost several million Swiss francs. A cost estimate is not yet available. the at Least 210 million Swiss francs the FDP on your cap to write. You asked how the CVP is a 16-week parental leave. The liberals sold the output as a reasonable solution: a four-week paternity leave, as the Greens are demanding, would cost Twice as much.

14 billion Swiss francs include alone these claims! There are also many other things that so far, no price tag has come. So the Green on the occasion of the women’s strike called for an “equality package”: more funding for women’s sport, free education programmes for Migration and other more.

parties to refer to the energy-saving suggestions

Confronted with your generous mood, the parties react cool. So the final comment of the SP is to say: “The Numbers.”

CVP, SVP, Green and green-liberal references to savings proposals, which “would have ensured the financing of these proposals without further notice”, as stated by the SVP. Or on the positive effects of your ideas. The BDP mentioned above, the social assistance costs that would be saved, or the Green hold: “We find an equal family policy may cost something – but we want to save in other places: either the army or the climate-damaging Expansion of the car. Bébés instead of concrete and bombs.”

The CVP shows in their billion-demands for the mitigation of the marriage penalty in addition to the state: This benefit at the expense of married and registered couples for decades through higher taxes and lower pension payouts.

The most fuel-efficient Federal Council of the party on the other hand, the FDP, is a reminder to put the brakes on the growth of Expenditure. “We will defend consistently brake the debt, because the debts of today are the taxes of tomorrow.”