members of the American rock band the Killers was accused of raping a drunken woman. About it reports The Guardian.

Sound designer Chez sherry said in his Twitter account that he worked with the team over a decade ago. The woman says during a concert in Milwaukee she heard one of the organizers had radio contact with the musicians. He allegedly told them that in the dressing room waiting for their girl they can go at a time. Sherry also claims that later, the artists exchanged experiences about dealing with it. After the concert the security guard of the site said that naked and in a state of intoxication she was left lying in the dressing room.

the Investigation proved the innocence of musicians to this crime. The guards and other people working at the site, has denied information about what was seen in the dressing room drunk naked girl. Itself the alleged victim, came after the concert backstage, also denied the fact of violence. The investigation revealed that in the collective The Killers the reign of misogynistic atmosphere, and the participants indulged in gross and sexist comments.