Part of the archive of the family of Admiral Kolchak transferred to the Rosarkhiv

So GARF – the largest repository of documents on the history of the white movement and the Russian emigration will be enriched with new unique documents. Among them – the gospel which Kolchak took a polar expedition, Charter of Emperor Nicholas II on awarding to captain of the 1st rank A. V. Kolchak as the military order of St. great Martyr and Pobedonostsa George 4-th degree, letters of Kolchak’s wife Sofia for the period of the First world and Civil wars, many telegrams of Prince Lvov and the Prime Minister Kerensky, commander of the black sea fleet, Kolchak, and many others.

Photo: Artem Lokalov “American want everything for 500 thousand euros”. As the archive Kolchak was in Russia

particularly useful are the documents of the Omsk period when the Kolchak became the Supreme ruler of Russia. Among them – a sketch of the flag of the Supreme ruler with his autograph, the Declaration of the Russian government dated November 21, 1918, the resolution of the Special Council of the Commander in chief of the Armed forces in the South of Russia on the authority of the chief of General A. I. Denikin Supreme Governor Admiral A. V. Kolchak, and the Act of transfer of Admiral Kolchak, the Czech military command of the Political center, the protocols of interrogation of Admiral Kolchak, the decision Irkutsk Military-revolutionary Committee on the execution of Kolchak, dated 6 February 1920 and diaries of the Admiral and his wife. In General, the returned archive includes 164 document 60 photos and 7 albums from 645 photos.

I accidentally learned that the state Archives is interested in this topic and what is being auctioned in Paris for the sale of a large part of the archive of Kolchak, says the donor of the archive – the Chairman of the Board of PJSC “NOVATEK” Leonid Mikhelson. – My idea – the State must have these documents. I started to learn how the auction to participate. Now grateful the French side and the Russian Embassy in France, which quickly managed to arrange the import of these values to the country.

Leonid Mikhelson noted that Admiral Kolchak is a controversial figure in the history of Russia and expressed confidence that the documents will “contribute to the correct interpretation of history and the role of personality in history.”

– the Return of the new part of the documentary heritage, the publication of documents on the life and work of Admiral Kolchak – the best monument to the talented polar Explorer, scientist-oceanographer, a brilliant naval officer, participant of the First world war, one of the brightest leaders of the White movement. in response, said the Director of the State archive of the Russian Federation Larisa Horny.

Photo: RIA Novosti Who were the sworn enemies of Admiral Kolchak

She also said the new documents will allow the fate of the Admiral and his family to more deeply study and realize the tragedy of the Civil war.

– As the return of the archive Kolchak is a symbol of departure from the division of Russian society into “red” and “white”, – said Andrei Artizov, head of Federal archival Agency. Is a step towards reconciliation and ending the civil war in the minds mudrusa of the nation.

According to him, very soon the Ministry will once again present a novelty – two volumes of the book “Kolchak and Russia”. It is the first to be published over 600 papers, including those transferred to state archives for permanent storage.

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Alexander Kolchak (1874-1920 years) – Russian polar Explorer, military leader and politician. One of the leaders of the White movement during the Civil war. Supreme ruler of Russia and Supreme commander The Russian army (1918-1920). 7 February 1920 he was executed by Bolsheviks in Irkutsk.