After the functioning of Parliament for the weeks was decommissioned, continue to work on the commissions again, in spite of the extraordinary situation. Prepare for the extraordinary Session, the between the 4. and no later than 8. May will take place in the halls of Bern Expo. to be able to

in order To comply with hygiene regulations, the meetings of the stand ätlichen commissions in the largest session room of the Parliament building and, if necessary, in the Council of States hall instead, those of the national Council’s committees in the Hotel Bellevue.

All of the commissions may sessions

perform The offices of the two councils have decided on their meeting on Monday that all of the commissions that wish to can perform by immediately meetings, such as the parliamentary services announced. They respond to criticism from some parliamentarians who have felt in their work restricted.

For commissions, which was previously assigned to an urgent item of business, was ever reserved a time window of half a day. You may also conduct meetings via video conference. However, these are connected with conditions.

the President of the Commission, or the President, as well as the majority of the Commission members must agree. In addition, to be suitable the items on the agenda for a video conference. Including hearings, or advising Initiatives, for example.

video conferencing must be carried out with “Skype for Business”. The System allows the level of confidentiality of “internally”. As “confidential” classified shops may not be by video conference advice.

use of the Army on the agenda

the National Council and Council of States will deal with the beginning of may, only urgent business in connection with the corona crisis. The Central item of the extraordinary Session of the aid package, which has increased the Federal Council last Friday by 20 to 40 billion.

in addition to the Finance delegation (FinDel), which has approved the first Tranche of financial aid already, we will check the package submitted to the competent commissions in terms of content. The leader of the financial Commission.

At the request of the security policy commissions (Sik) is the approval of the assistance service of the army on the agenda of the Session. More than 2000 will be offered members of the army or the deployment lasts longer than three weeks, it must approve the Federal Assembly the use. The two SiK be subjected to preliminary examination of the business. Further, by the pre-Advisory commissions, adopted the business can follow. The final session programs are on 1. May adopted.

decision on summer session in may,

the data In the summer session, from 2. to 19. June 2020 is being held until further notice; it serves mainly to advise the commissions and by the Federal Council as a priority business. This, among other things, the transactions could not be dealt with in the broken the spring session or to advise of the end of, and other transactions which must necessarily be treated.

at The Moment, it is planned that the offices of the programs of the summer session 2020 at its ordinary meeting of 8. In may 2020, say good-bye. The offices of the National Council and Council of States will decide, in accordance with the extraordinary Session, where the summer session is to take place and under what conditions. (SDA)