July 1 come into force amendments to the legislation, under which approximately 3.4 million disabled people of the III group will lose the right to free Parking. Places marked with a sign “Only for people with disabilities”, identified earlier, government will be available only to those of this category of citizens who have “limitation of ability for independent movement”. Disabled persons without similar restrictions, including diabetics, free Parking are no longer able.Government decree No. 115, which regulates a new procedure of providing Parking spaces, was signed by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin in February. The document linked with a new edition of the law “On social protection of disabled persons”, effective 1 July. In the current version says that in Parking lots for General use 10% of the seats should be allocated for vehicles driven by persons with disabilities. In the adopted resolution of the government States: citizens with III disability group can use such places if they have a “limitation of ability for independent movement” or if they received the right to use the Parking lots until 1 July (i.e. before the entry into force of the decision), applying to the Bureau of medical and social assessment (ITU) and the sign “Disabled”.According to Rosstat, in Russia there are more than 11.9 million disabled people, of whom 670 thousand— children-invalids, 5.35 million disabled group II, to 1.43 million group I, of 4.48 million III. According to the labor Ministry, 1.1 million disabled of group III are limited in their ability for independent movement. The total number of people who have received the sign “Disabled” in an ITU, is, according to the Ministry of labor, approximately 1 million people.From the data of Rosstat and the Ministry of labor, it follows that about 3.4 million people from among the III group disabled no longer able to exercise the right to Park cars on specific locations. Since the entry into force of the rules will be a transitional period, explained previously, “Kommersant” in the Ministry of labor: during the six months, the citizen will be able to transmit vehicle data to the Federal registry of persons with disabilities (for example, through the portal of public services) and to use the badge issued previously by the ITU. From 1 July, these signs will no longer be issued, but the obligation to use them in the car remains. The signs themselves can be bought in any retail chain or at the gas station.In the rules of the road, we recall, referred to a number of benefits for drivers of cars with badge. Experts have previously explained to “Kommersant” that the government’s proposed order should have been updated in 2018, when entered into force the order of the Ministry of new markings “Disabled” (they were numbered with obtaining only in Bureau of ITU). But the result is confusion, there is a shortage of Parking spaces for disabled��in (see “Kommersant” on 15 Feb). Regional public Fund of invalids “Society without barriers” have previously called logical new use of Parking spaces only disabled citizens, stating that “otherwise the place will be constantly clogged up”. In the movement “Blue buckets” has noticed that fines for Parking in handicapped spaces (5 thousand rubles) can prescribe only the traffic police, while the automatic camera to use in this case.Alexander Voronov, Ivan Buranov