the New armored vehicles designed to transport units to provide fire support in combat, destruction of manpower, anti-tank weapons and light armored vehicles of the enemy.

the BTR-82A has a high survivability. The defense Ministry said that security of machines is increased through the use of ballistic protection of laminated synthetic material on the inner surfaces of the housing. To reduce the negative effects of the explosions under the wheels or enclosure floors in the armored vehicle fitted with anti-mine coating. In addition, the seats of the crew and troops placed on a special suspension, which reduces the effect of the energy of the explosion.

the Armored car is equipped with unified combat module with automatic 30-mm gun 2A72 and 7,62-mm machine gun PKTM. Use the BTR-82A new combined sight helped to increase the efficiency of fire 2.5 times, to conduct aimed fire from the armored car on the move and in poor visibility conditions. On this machine are the air-conditioning system, modern means of communication and orientation.

Cannon and coaxial machine gun of the upgraded BTR-82АМ have motorized vertical and horizontal aiming and digital plane stabilizer arms. On the armored car weighing 16 tons is diesel turbo engine KAMAZ 300 HP This machine has a strong transmission, and the availability of stand-alone diesel generator sets allows you to operate all systems and communications even at idle the main engine.

On the BTR-82АМ greatly improved ergonomics of the driver’s seat and gunner-operator. To improve handling on the command armored personnel carrier install a digital radio station of the 5th generation R-168, of the system of topographical orientation “Throne-1” and combined monitoring devices commander’s TKN-AI. And for more security personnel on the inner surfaces of the body has ballistic protection.