The second stage of the quarantine, which began yesterday in France, a country celebrated for tables make dining on the grass and opened parks. Hiding the face under the mask, this is followed by a special correspondent of “Kommersant” Alexei Tarkhanov.Grandmother handkerchief timidly out on the street. Not our Chertanovskaya grandmother, and the grandmother of the seventh district. It is in the shape of Hermes and all not so much a “grandmother” grand-mere, how much vieille dame, “the old lady”. But she is as careful as our grandmothers, sniffs the air of freedom through the white medical mask.To me she explained to the butcher that she needs four steak and a bottle of Burgundy, then: “At present, because come children and grandchildren — they now can”. The second stage of the quarantine exempted those over 65, from house arrest. Nursing homes long-term care facilities — a normal result of the French proud of a lonely life in the days of the quarantine turned into a prison with no visitation rights and even of farewell. Now old person can come even with ten men — and children and grandchildren and nephews.Already since the weekend opened urban gardens, where — as the hostess of the city — invited the Parisian mayor Anne Hidalgo. She carefully posed for the cameras at the end of the month for her to go to the polls, so she was everywhere. Then, as the fairy godmother, unlocked the gates of the parks, then, like a good Christian, together with Archbishop Michel Opeti opened access to the square in front of Notre Dame Cathedral, where finally removed building cabins. Come to the famous portal still impossible — fence remains, but the space of a normal life expanded its borders.At the Paris Gare Saint-Lazare, the famous Monet and Manet, there is no control at the entrance, no need to stock up on inquiries for travel to the 101st kilometer. The country is again approached Paris, the ocean, the sea and the mountains appeared in the distance a few hours in a fast train.But the main news of the day: opened restaurants. The President Emmanuel macron congratulated the French on this event: “the Opening of cafes, hotels and restaurants means the return of happy days!”Photo: Alexey Tarkhanov, Commercentre, happy days is not so easy to return. Country, as the old lady under the mask, hesitantly looks into the life “outside”.Psychological trauma from soft quarantine was terribly painful. A few months the French were told that the street is dangerous, so it can only be in a spacesuit. Paris was deserted, beautiful and terrible. Meanwhile, the city has always been the common living room: here the tables not only ate, but drank, dated, did business, wrote articles. In France, the street is a dining room and a theatre at the same time. Fear street must be overcome is the question of both psychological and economic.Unlike the metropolis, the Paris region remains in the “orange��Oh” area to let visitors inside institutions, the owners still can not. Cleared to land on the terraces. So the city will be transformed into a large terrace: Anne Hidalgo has promised to give under the table any available space, to limit the roadway or not to close the streets in the evenings.The inspectors think the solution Matures. The owners are trying to obtain insurance or to persuade landlords to lower the rent. Recently, the Paris court forced the insurance company Axa to pay €45 thousand to the owner of a restaurant in the 17th district in compensation quarantine losses. Restaurateurs have their own truth, the insurers — its: they intend to challenge the decision for fear of an avalanche of claims, but we all know how important it is to return to restaurants on French street, bald for quarantine.To a nearby restaurant Cantine du Troquet I showed up ten minutes before opening and saw the team of chefs and waiters at the main entrance. Mood — upbeat, well as once on Saturday. “You with me? asked the chief Christian Etchebest that yesterday he took the parade. And was genuinely happy when I asked for a table.— Only have ten minutes to wait.— Three months of waiting, ten minutes wait.Photo: Alexey Tarkhanov, Commercentre stand outside, in the sun under thirty degrees, the front entrance — stand with a gun for disinfectant gel. Who wants to — comes in a mask who wants without. The neighbors right to smoke cigars. In peacetime they would have supercali a variety of vieille dame, but now the lady behind me says to his wife: “Honey, breathe”. Apparently, she believed the allegations that smokers virus does not cling, and wants a companion breathed life-giving nicotine.The neighbor on the left is discussing with the waitress the beginning of the lunch: “a Glass of champagne… No, a decanter of red… Or not. You know what? Whiskey. Triple batch and ice it is not necessary”.People sit at tables happy, but also insecure, like we once, as Soviet tourists. The waiters also seemed to learn anew, but full of desire and optimism. The machine finally came in, Paris was back at the table! Restaurateurs already badly injured, not expected profits, but rather to reduce losses. Seats on the terraces is three times less, costs the same, prices will not turn up. But still, it’s a holiday. If you have broken quarantine, now you seize it.