(Paris) Barbie against Oppenheimer: the match of the two most anticipated blockbusters of the summer started with a bang on Wednesday morning, with record numbers according to the first feedback from the theaters which give a clear advantage to the candy pink doll.

In the profession, the figures for morning screenings in Parisian cinemas are considered the first reliable indicator of a film’s career.

And both blockbusters have done better than any movie released so far in 2023, according to data released by CBO Box Office.

Barbie, by Greta Gerwig with Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, took the lead in the annual ranking, recording 6,001 admissions at 2 p.m. in Paris. The film produced by Warner and Mattel attracts 30% more spectators than Christopher Nolan’s new blockbuster, Oppenheimer, the second best start of the year with 4,550 spectators.

The rest of the competition was wiped out, with third-placed Iranian film The Persian Shadows drawing just 305 viewers.