you jetting around the world and rays in the shortest amount of time on different continents to the bet: That the lives of the climate is not Nice, and just friendly, a lit. Now was investigated by the Swedish Lund University on the basis of ten examples of how much CO2 people from Show business, Sport and economy. The researchers analyzed Social Media Posts from the year 2017. There you could read, where, what, and how often the celebs travelled. The results are frightening.

Bill Gates leads the climate sinners list

the Biggest climate sinners, according to the study, Bill Gates (63). He travels mostly in his own private jet, a Bombardier BD-700 Global Express. The Microsoft CEO comes with his Trips to an estimated total emission of 1629,4 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2).

Behind the Hotel-heiress Paris Hilton (38) is placed with a consumption of 1261,3 tonnes of CO2. Exciting: she gives herself time and again as a climate-girlfriend, in 2017, they tweeted their legendary saying “It’s Hot” (dt. “It’s hot”) in terms of our planet and not called, to pollute it. Reminder: A Swiss average citizen in the year 2014 with its entire consumption, not just scheduled flights, on a footprint of 4.31 metric tons of CO2.

Also on the list: actress Emma Watson (29). She is an Ambassador and huge supporter of sustainable fashion Labels and called for measures against climate change. They landed on the list of the prominent flight sinner on the last place, but also the CO2 consumption by 15.1 tons is more than three times as high as usual.

study of Greta Thunberg inspired

actress and singer Jennifer Lopez (50) shows up on social media again and again on Board a private jet. No wonder it comes with 77 flights on total emissions of 1051 tons of carbon monoxide. What you don’t stop to share a Tweet from acting colleague, Leonardo DiCaprio (44), in which he holds the burning of the Amazon feast and writes “The lung of the world is Burning.” Both ask their followers what they are doing to protect the climate. Who else is still on the list of study, you will see in our gallery.

The study by the Lund University was inspired by the protests of the Swedish activist Greta Thunberg (16). The main author of the study, Stefan Gossling (49), writes in the introduction: “As Greta once said: The bigger your CO2 footprint, the higher is your moral obligation.” (imh)