Paris before the election of the mayor: scandal

the Minister of health of France Agnes Busan will run for mayor of Paris, from the ruling party “go Republic!”. Previous candidate Benjamin Hryvnia refused to participate in the elections after the publication of the incriminating video, which was uploaded Petr Pavlensky. In the hands of the controversial Russian actionist were intimate shots of the French policy?

the Scandal, which France has called “Gruagach” just could not do without a woman. And she was found. Alexander de Taddeo, 29-year-old law student. She is the politician Benjamin Hryvnia from the ruling party “Republic on the March” sent a sex tape.

it is past, shooting 2018. Alexander remembered them when you got together with an artist from Russia. Playful messages acquired political meaning. Publishing videos has become a Manifesto against the mendacity of those in power. Hryvnia filed a complaint. Alexander along with other Pavlensky was in the police. At the gates of the station staffed by journalists. The lawyer of the detainee stingy with words.

“You know more about this than I do. I have no comment,” says attorney Peter Pavlensky Marie-Alice Canuts-Bernard.

Pavlensky and his friend charged with “interference with privacy” and “distribution of images of a sexual nature without consent”. This statement was made by the Paris Prosecutor’s office. Supporters Pavlensky with this interpretation do not agree.

“For Pavlensky is a political gesture, an act of resistance. Today it has become very difficult to oppose something Emmanuel macron, and the current government. Can only go to the measures of direct action, to invade the political space”, — commented the lawyer joão Branco.

joão Branco — another member of the “Gruagach”. A young lawyer, also a friend Pavlensky. A fierce opponent of the President of Macron, a member of the stock “yellow jackets”, and in the past — owlsethnic WikiLeaks and lawyer for Julian Assange. Opponent Branco — the lawyer of the injured party — he hears in his words a direct threat to privacy.

“It’s just a representative of the Stasi, the “mini-Stalin”. From this story smacks of terror and totalitarianism. Against political opponents is all good, you want to say? Us to decide where these people? Scary the thought,” says lawyer Benjamin Hryvnia Richard Malka.

“These people” his words not climb. Dissemination of an intimate video does not conduct, and the manifestation of civil activity. The newspaper Le Point reported that in early February, Branko was personally involved in the issue of the proliferation of dirt on Benjamin Hryvnia. Now the young lawyer refuses.

“appeared In the press insinuations that I am somehow associated with the action that made Peter Pavlensky. No reason for this. But it was enough to get my name in the proceedings as his lawyer,” said the lawyer joão Branco.

Branko expressed intention to defend a friend, but the prosecution dismissed him from the case as an interested party, writes Le Parisien. Branko called it an unprecedented violation of the rights of the defence.

in the apartment of Branko on the Boulevard Saint-Germain was new year’s eve party ended with a fight and stabbing, which was originally and detained Pavlensky. Charged with distribution of a sex tape he was accused already in the police station.

the Party of Macron long been without a candidate for mayor of Paris. Is compromised Benjamin Hryvnia to elections will go the Minister of health Agnes Busan. According to Franceinfo, it was persuaded by the President personally. Busan already expressed confidence that he will win. If she doesn’t stop: Peter Pavlensky a lot of friends in France.